11 Mistakes You Are Making That Cause You to Look Older

by Matt Weik

There are two things in life that are guaranteed – you’re going to pay taxes and you’re going to die. That’s kind of a morbid and depressing way to start off an article but it’s the truth. No one wants to get older, yet it’s a process we all go through whether we like it or not. However, there are certain things that are making you look older than you really are. In an effort to keep you looking as youthful as possible, I’ve come up with a list of 11 mistakes you could be making which you need to address and fix as soon as possible.

1. Only Wearing Dark Colors

While they say the color black is slimming, it should be noted that if all you do is wear dark clothing you will give off the vibe that you’re boring and old. Freshen things up with some brighter colors every once in a while and step away from the dark browns and blacks to make yourself look younger and more stylish.

2. Wearing Baggy Clothing

I’m not saying you need to have a tailor on speed-dial, but it is well worth the investment to purchase clothing that fits your body type and isn’t too loose or baggy. When you purchase baggy clothing, it does not lay nicely on your physique and if you’ve worked hard to attain a rock-hard physique, the last thing you want is extra fabric floating around making you look old and frumpy. Get your loose clothing tailored or size down slightly to achieve a better and more flattering fit.

3. Rocking Sweatpants

We are living in the greatest era ever when it comes to athleisure. Rocking a pair of sweatpants around town or even in the gym gives off an older vibe – something you don’t want unless you want to look like your dad or grandfather. With the advent of form-fitting joggers for men and yoga pants for women, you can walk around town feeling relaxed and comfortable, while showing off your physique and looking young and stylish at the same time. Gentlemen, no, this does not mean wear joggers that are nearly compression fit. Make sure you can still pinch a little fabric around all parts of your leg to ensure you have some extra room for movement while still being slim and form-fitting.

4. xcessive Tanning

I get it – you want that sexy tan all year long and don’t want to go back to looking like Casper the ghost. However, excessive tanning can lead to increased wrinkles which will make you look older than you really are. Not only that but if you use a tanning bed excessively for years, it can cause your skin to look leathery and rough – ultimately prematurely aging you. You’re not the only person with lighter skin who loses their tan when colder months arrive, but in the long-run, by skipping the tanning bed you will protect your skin and also help lower your risk of skin cancer.

5. Sticking with an Outdated Hair Style

People are creatures of habit and many hate the thought of change – especially when it comes to their look. However, donning a ‘70s haircut in today’s age will severely date you. Guys, those highlights you were putting in your hair in the ’90s to look stylish, they aren’t working today. While you don’t have to go do something drastic, try something a little more stylish and trendier to give off a younger appearance. A 20-year old wearing a greasy slicked-back look is going to add years onto his look. Try something new and fresh and don’t be so averse to change.

6. Having Poor Posture

When you see a man hunched over with his shoulders rolled forward what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably an older gentleman, right? If you’re young and have poor posture it can make you appear older than you really are. Not only that but after a while due to your poor posture you’re going to feel older as well due to your poor posture taking a toll on your body. Focus on your posture and standing straight with your shoulders back. Stop leaning forward at the waist and allowing your chest to cave in. Stick out your chest and roll those shoulder back. Not only will you look younger but also more authoritative and professional.

7. Not Getting Enough Sleep

At the end of the day (literally) you need to unwind and relax. Before bed, you should try to destress as much as possible and go to bed early enough to allow you to achieve a minimum of seven hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you many issues when it comes to the look and health of your skin. You’ll find bags and dark circles under your eyes due to lack of sleep. You’ll notice fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent on your face. Not only all of that but lack of sleep can affect your mental and physical performance which can negatively affect your productivity at work as well as in the gym.

8. Skipping Workouts

This should come as no surprise based on where you are reading this article, but if you aren’t exercising you will find your muscle tone will disappear, your skin will become looser, and your energy levels will plummet. Television and Netflix are causing you to age due to increasing how sedentary you are. You’re probably sitting enough at work already that you don’t need to sit on your couch all night too watching shows that ultimately bring no value to your life. To keep a young appearance and look half your age, be sure to make time for 150 minutes of exercise each and every week. Utilize both weight training and cardio to compete your 150 minutes. The combination of both weights and cardio will help preserve and build lean muscle mass while the combination of cardio will help keep your heart healthy and allow you to better manage your weight and body fat.

9. Not Protecting Your Skin

This goes almost hand-in-hand with #4 (excessive tanning), but many people aren’t protecting their skin when they are outdoors. Sure, people want a tan in the summer months but that can lead you down the path to skin cancer and increased aging of your skin. The one area where many fail miserably is when it comes to the colder months. Just because it’s not sunny and 85 outside doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t still damaging. You should be using sunscreen regularly. A great way to do this is by using a moisturizer that also has SPF protection. Put it on in the morning before you leave the house and you’re good to go.

10. Not Properly Managing Stress

Stress comes in many different forms. It could be stress from work, stress from home life, stress from exercise, stress from environmental factors, the list goes on and on. What stress does is prematurely age you if you don’t keep it under control. Stress causes free radicals to seek out and destroy or mutate our cells. When this happens not only does it speed up the aging process but it can also cause us to become sick (including extreme cases such as some forms of cancer).

11. Not Properly Hydrating

Our body is mainly made up of water and when we aren’t drinking enough fluids during the day your skin can pay the price. Not staying hydrated during the day can cause your skin to become dry, dull, and ultimately lead to an increase in pronounced wrinkles. Help your skin stay fresh and healthy by drinking water throughout the day (even when you aren’t thirsty). And if you exercise regularly it’s especially important to replenish any lost fluids due to sweat from your workouts.