Want to Build Muscle? – Break out of Your Comfort Zone!

by Anders JP Eskilsson

From an evolutionary standpoint, or in other words, in order to survive, humans are very adaptable to various situations in life, good as well as bad ones. It may include making it through high school even if it means early mornings and being quite bored from time to time, or getting used to a shitty part time job we do from time in order to put food on the table, or liking the neighborhood we chose to live in even if we hate our neighbors – to other bad situations such as being stuck in bad relationships.

In addition, it is a natural thing to seek out and construct comfort zones since it creates a basis of security even if the situation feels horrible from the beginning. However, this leads us into one of the negative effects of getting too accustomed in to the environment we are living in or do work from. In this context the focus is set on building muscles and how being comfortable correlates with stagnation.

If you think about your own gym experience, you have probably seen a bunch of people who, year after year, look the same way as the first time you saw them. The ones who do a half ass job inside the gym, the ones who might pull their butts to the gym but only train biceps and chest 2 times per week with no progress whatsoever. Sometimes you can even feel their low energy in the gym, the atmosphere is status quo. But when that happens it´s up to you to re-focus of course and get your killer focus back on track before your next set. And if they are happy and healthy, who are we to judge them.

However, for those who pursue an elitist approach to bodybuilding – the balls to the walls mentality – the ones who aim to crush the comfort zone, the ones with an approach which is most important element to reach the best possible progress, both when it comes to building muscle or getting in a killer condition. A mindset which that takes us far beyond what´s comfortable combined with great form throughout workouts ´being comfortable’ is a shitty state when it comes to making progress. Being laid back and & and relaxed belong to the cough, but not behind bars, dumbbells, or treadmills. You are inside the gym to start a war.

In addition to breaking out of the comfort zone, other fundamentals are the variation of movements and the increase of weight to develop your muscularity. The body easily adapts to training programs, and as soon as that happens progress is thrown out the window. So be creative and also increase the weight over time. Your mission should be on shocking the body. In other words seek blood force trauma.

Sure there are times when you need to slow down to really recover and to go for the low intense workouts for a couple of weeks, but that should never ever be the main focus in your training. You are here to make war, not love. That shit stays in the bedroom or somewhere else… never inside the gym.