The Mind Game on How to Stay Motivated!

by Anders JP Eskilsson

One of the most important things to keep in mind anyone seek consistency in their training, is to keep an eye on the price; in other words visualize physique you are aiming. See the best version of yourself on stage for example – in the conditioning you are aiming for – or the boulder delts you are trying so hard to get, to the barn door back you want to build – or Tom Plats legs you always wanted when you are re-loading for upcoming workouts.

It is important to realize that the mental part of achinving progress is as strong as the physical one, if not stronger. Hence, the mind can be trained just as the muscles on the body. There is a reason to why elite athletes in the most types of sports hire sport psychologist.

It can be frustrating during some periods to want to go to the gym especially for the newcomers. But the more you break through those periods the easier it will be and more than that you will guarantee be very proud of yourself for succeeding.

Additionally, the more someone strive for something and overcome adversities as lack of motivation, the easier it will become to break them in the future and to reach physical goals because that the mind has learned how solve the issues, so efficiently that periods of low motivation not even will cross the mind in some cases because they are already solved.
As soon as the low motivation comes around, accept it but don’t dwell on it so it spirals into a negative force – no instead get your ass moving to the gym.

And another important thing is to keep on going even if it feels very tough at times. These are just low periods where you should push through it will get easier after a while and when that happens you will be satisfied that you simply pulled through because you kept your diet and training in order. Additionally you didn’t lose anything. I actually think that there are times when you develop your muscularity or conditioning during these periods because you relax more and the body get some time to rebound from the tougher training phases.

However, if you are a beginner, you should also push yourself to train even if it’s boring at least up to 4-5 months. If it still is boring and you don’t feel any desire to go to the gym, then it might not be something for you, but give the gym some time first before you decide to move on to find a different physical activity.

In any case, don’t complicate things, just live by these simple words and don’t let anything get into their way. Even if it feels like the body is glued to the couch or bed, at times, or even if you just finished off your 8-9 hour workday…Just get up and freakin do it!

As Ronnie Coleman said, or whoever coined the expression: “Ain’t Nothing to It But To Do It“