Do you know any ways to relieve muscle soreness?

Do you know any ways to relieve muscle soreness? Any types of massages, or baths or anything you can do to relieve soreness besides getting quality nutrition? And if you recommend massages, what kind of massages?

Just today, after my own upper body workout, I went up stairs to take a shower and I was so sore, I could barely take my shirt off and bring my hands to my hair while showering! Not good, because I have a 12 hour shift ahead of me! I would like to discuss why this happens first. If you just want the solution. Scroll down.

If you have had a similar experience than I applaud yourworkout intensity. If you have NOT had this experience thanI have to question your workout intensity!

There are three main theories that result in muscle soreness.

Most muscle soreness occurs immediately following an activityand than has a delayed onset effect. Immediate muscle sorenessis due to a buildup of metabolic by-products such as lacticacid and a lack of sufficient oxygen (ischemia).

Delayed onset muscle soreness (D.O.M.S.), which begins24-72 hours after an activity, is not yet determined.

There are three theories which will have an impact on thedegree of muscle soreness:

1. Muscle Damage. As a result of repetitive contractions,microscopic tears occur within the muscle fibers themselvescreating pain and leading to inflammation, which createsmore pain.

2. Damage To The Connective Tissue. Microscopic tears occurin the connective tissue particularly as a result of eccentric contractions,which are contractions in which the musclelengthens rather than shortens. Downhill running and the loweringportion of the exercise is also know as negative work oreccentric work.

3. Ischemia/Spasm Cycle. The lack of oxygen and buildupof metabolic by-products causes pain which causes the muscleto spasm. This further reduces the oxygen available, increasesthe metabolic by-products, and the viscous cycle continues.

Muscle soreness will occur when you push your limits,’out do’ yourself and expose your body to unaccustomed stress.

Combine this with either repetitive movements for extendedperiods of time; using jerky or explosive movements; stretchingbeyond normal range of motion and/or repeated eccentriccontractions and OF COURSE your muscles are going to be sore.

You just kicked the crap out of them!

***To Relieve Muscle Soreness ***

To decrease muscle soreness you need to focus on the following:

1. Increase the blood flow and oxygen to the damaged area (tofacilitate the breakdown of metabolic by-products, and theremoval of debris, and to speed nutrients to the cells forhealing).

2. Relax the muscles. Experiment with the following activitiesto determine which one helps reduce and relieve your sorenessthe quickest. Most likely it will be a combination and thesooner you do them after you train, the beter.

A. Static Stretching. Focus on slow and gradual stretching.Stretch each muscle just to where you begin to feel thestretch then hold that position until you feel themuscle let go. Do not bounce or force the muscle unless youwant to create more harm than good.

B. Light Exercise. Muscles that are not used will becomestiff and take longer to become pain free. Gentle,non-stressful exercise will increase the circulation andrelax your muscles.

3. Massage. Good old fashioned massage acts much likelight exercise or gentle stretching by increasing yourcirculation and coaxing the muscles to relax. The differencesare that with massage you need do nothing other than simplyenjoy, and the massage therapist can locate and work withthose areas of your musculature most in need of attention.

4. Cold. Cold water or ice breaks the pain/ischemia/spasmcycle by increasing the circulation and interfering withpain signals. Ice is also an excellent anti-inflammatoryagent and will greatly speed healing. I run my muscles undercold water for 3-10 minutes after a workout.

5. Alternating Hot and Cold. Since the thought of hotoften seems more soothing it is included here, but incombination with cold. Hot water will relax muscles andincrease circulation but will also increase inflammationand swelling within muscle fibers. Therefore it isimportant to alternate with cold and end with cold. Thiscan take the form of a sauna and swim, a whirlpool and coldplunge, a hot and cold shower or a hot bath and ice.After 3-10 minutes of cold, run the hot shower on your legsfor 1 minute. And than repeat a few times.

6. Movement In The Pool. Water supports your muscles andmakes them easier to use. If you are extremely sore itwill be easier for you to use your muscles in the pooleither walking, stretching, or gently swimming.

I trust that is more than enough to speed your recoveryand return to battle

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