Supplement Company Owner Gets 20 Years In Jail

Supplement Company Owner Gets 20 Years In Jail
by Johnny Justice

Former WWF Wrestler “Ross Greenberg” is known in the supplement industry just as Russ Greenberg. Not Ross but Russ! He’s a fun loving guy you see at all the major trade shows in the supplement industry and is without a doubt one of the most connected guys in the Florida supplement scene where he lives. If shit goes down in Florida, Russ Greenberg knows about it first and tips me off right away!

Who Is Russ Greenberg?

Russ Greenberg used to wrestle in WWF for a number of years and travelled the world meeting all kinds of opponents. He never made it to the top as a champion but he got beat by some of the best! His 3 claims to fame while in WWF include:

1. He was leg dropped and pinned by Hulk Hogan.
2. He got a Piledriver by Mr. Wonderful!
3. He got electrocuted by The Mountie after his match (to see this one click HERE).

Well Russ is NOT the man going to jail, he’s the dude that tipped me off to a supplement scam right in his back yard!

Supplement Owner Gets 20 Years In Jail

According to Russ, supplement company owner Frank Sarcona was sentenced to 20 years in prison for defrauding consumers out of more than $16 million! Prosecutors said Frank Sarcona defrauded 130,000 customers by marketing a purported weight-loss product, called LIPOBAN. This diet pill contained 500 mg of Chitosan or what I like to call “CHEAT-O-SCAM”. Chitosan is produced from the shells of crab, shrimp and other fish. The idea behind CHEAT-O-SCAM is that it “binds” to the fat you eat and allows you to just shit it all out. Frank Sarcona marketed LIPOBAN through newspapers, the Internet and direct mail.

Wanna Be A Part of A Weight Loss Study?

To sell LIPOBAN, Frank Sarcona mailed letters to consumers inviting them to participate in a restricted nationwide weight-loss study of a new product that would allegedly promote large weight losses without diet and exercise. Consumers were asked to purchase the product in order to participate. Sarcona created the false impression that the study was being carried out in conjunction with a healthcare clinic. To enhance this false impression, the mail order house was named the LIPOBAN Clinic, and the mailing stated that it was engaged in a nationwide study with limited participation. Each customer was led to believe that they were test participant number 731, as listed on the mailing. A medical insignia was strategically placed on the letter and enclosures. Included in the mailing was a letter from Dr. Joseph Maya, a medical doctor of the LIPOBAN Clinic! The enclosures contained the statement that the “clinic” had a team of weight loss and nutrition professionals. It didn’t!

Doctor Endorsed?

The printed material claimed a New York cardiologist endorsed LIPOBAN – which was NOT true! Dr. Jose (not Joseph) Maya was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida, but only in Mexico. Dr. Jose Maya never came to the “clinic” or performed any services for the clinic. There was no test study, nor were there weight loss and nutrition professionals. None of the doctors referenced in their marketing materials had ever used LIPOBAN.

Go To Jail

The judge sentenced LIPOBAN owner Frank Sarcona to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud; criminal contempt of court; conspiracy to commit money laundering; and multiple counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and misbranding of a food.