Kevin English – King of the 202 Division

Kevin English – King of the 202 Division
by Joe Pietaro

Why bodybuilding took so long to bring back a second division for the smaller framed competitors may be questionable, but now that it is here to stay it appears that Kevin English has established himself as the one to beat. The back and forth battle between the Great Neck, New York native and David Henry continued with English edging his rival a year after falling to him at the 202 Olympia.

English followed up on his victory at the New York Pro 202 by defeating a deeper line-up in Las Vegas. Henry – who finished in third place in New York – was the runner-up while Eduardo Correia took third in only his second pro show. Mark Dugdale and Flex Lewis rounded out the rest of the top five.

Since the 202 began at last year’s Olympia, English and Henry have been the top dogs. That has intensified in the year since then and the Long Islander views that as a positive. “For me, David motivates me to be a better bodybuilder,” said English.

Heading into the O, the confidence level that English showed was apparent. He did so with good reason and looked tremendous at a guest posing appearance two months before the show. Although he knew that the competition would be difficult, nothing would stop him. “At this point it doesn’t matter,” he quickly quipped. “I’m so immensely focused and pumped up for the show…anybody can go in. It’s my show.”

Now that he has beaten his rival in consecutive competitions, English will have more people gunning for him the next time out. He surely will not overlook Henry, either. Both have found a home in the 202s and should continue to go at it for a long time to come.


*1996 Atlantic States Championships – 2nd Place
*1998 NPC Nationals – 1st Place
*2000 IFBB Night of the Champions – 14th Place
*2006 IFBB New York Pro – 17th Place
*2008 IFBB New York Pro – 2nd Place
*2008 New York Pro 202 – 1st Place
*2008 IFBB Mr. Olympia – 16th Place
*2008 Olympia Showdown 202 – 2nd Place
*2009 New York Pro 202 – 1st Place
*2009 Olympia Showdown 202 – 1st Place