John Romano and Dave Palumbo No Longer with Muscular Development

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John Romano and Dave Palumbo No Longer with Muscular Development
by Ron Avidan

Monday began with a jolt in the small world of bodybuilding, as we learned that Dave Palumbo and John Romano, were both let go by Muscular Development. Robbie Durand has been appointed the new editor in chief of Muscular Development’s web site.

After Romano was fired by MD, he sent the following statement to PBW Radio about the situation. (John’s statement was read by Dan & Bob on the PBW’s Feburayr 2nd show).

“After 18 years of dedicated service to Muscular Development Magazine, and more recently its website, the relationship that saw me rise from a mere contributor to Senior Editor has come to – as all things inevitably do – an end. However, the end was not unforeseen. My gradually eroding confidence in the manner in which business was being conducted, and the decisions that were being made, painted a very telling picture of things to come. Clearly, the direction the magazine and website are now headed counter my beliefs, not to mention those of my radio partner, and former Editor-in-Chief of the Muscular Development.com, Dave Palumbo. As you all probably know, Dave’s relationship with MD also ended today. The manner in which the end unfolded was rather unfortunate, but not unexpected. It evinced quite accurately the evolving attitude of Muscular Development.

I am very grateful to Steve Blechman for the opportunity he has afforded me over the years and I wish him and his future endeavors much success. To all my fans and loyal readers and listeners now decrying the gigantic whole I left in MD, rest assured – You ain’t seen nor heard the last of me…..” – John Romano

Source: Getbig.com