IRONMAG LABS Is Everywhere!

by Christian Duque

Make Your Mark with Iron Mag Labs!! The most hardcore bodybuilding brand in the land is back! Not that it ever went anywhere, but the company founded and operated by Robert Dimaggio is coming back with a vengeance to the world of bodybuilding and fitness. The last couple of years have seen some major legal battles, a pandemic that ravaged the world, and years when bodybuilding contests were few and far between.

A lot of companies didn’t make it. Others were left with just their supplements, meaning that when all the smoke cleared and all the hype dissipated, all they had left were lackluster products that really weren’t all that great. When consumers looked closer, they weren’t all that impressed. With IronMag, people know what they get and they’re brand-loyal for that reason. IML never skipped a beat. Its diehards didn’t suddenly stop training hard, whether that meant using bags of sand, bands, or their own bodyweight. They wanted the freakish strength, the amazing recovery, the sound sleep and the high libido. Hardcore people don’t just stop being hardcore because gyms aren’t open or there aren’t shows to compete in. That said, times have changed, largely, for the better. You can still get robbed at the gas pump and it looks like Russia wants to take over Ukraine, but the muscle game is back in full force. Masks are no longer the norm, gyms are packed again, and IML is all over the place!! The return to the spotlight comes in a multifaceted approach that’s sure to leave an indelible impression on the fitness industry. This will come about through the launching of an affiliate program, aggressive advertising, and solid products with a new look, backed by research and development.

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m back!! That’s right folks, Christian Duque is back at Iron Mag Labs. It’s always funny to me – and borderline nuts – when people talk about themselves in conversation, but I guess that’s what I’m doing for a little bit. The fact is, I have a long history with the company and when Rob asked me if I’d be interested in running the IML Affiliate program, I jumped at the opportunity. I’d run another company’s program not too long ago and I love working with competitors, athletes, and everyday people who want to take charge of their health and get in shape. Working with said individuals is hugely rewarding, both financially and socially. This is why joining a program that puts out products people love taking, makes all the sense in the world. It makes promoting the line a very natural thing. If people see someone getting lean, lifting, and feeling great, then it’s only logical for many of them to ask what’s up? What’s the secret?

Most people think that good health is in a pill or powder – it’s not! Good health is a combination of various elements, including but not limited to, clean eating, sound training, good supplementation and consistency. That last one can be the death knell for many, but assuming the person is committed, they’ll be just fine. Every element is key, but not every element is in the athlete’s control. I mean, unless you can start your own supplement line, you’re really at the mercy of companies who take products to market. Are they honest – or – are they ripping you off? There’s an endless sea of brands; just do a Google search or visit a popular online retailer. Every product purports to be the biggest thing since sliced bread, with zero side effects, and nothing but the best results. Sadly, most of these products are junk, but you won’t find that out until you’ve forked over hundreds of dollars, wasted months of your time, and then, who knows, if your heart’s still in the game. People don’t generally process getting duped all that easily. It can be off-putting and demoralizing. That said, when products work – and work really well – happy customers make for the best affiliates! They don’t have to do much selling, because their success is their calling card. Everyone who sees their upbeat disposition, body transformation, and overall take on life, will want that for themselves.

Iron Mag Labs has products that help everyone. Whether you’re a powerlifter, a bodybuilder, or an everyday person, simply, wanting to keep your body fat down and stay active. There’s muscle builders, sleep aids, CBD gummies and a wide array of workout enhancers. There’s also such a wide array of products, with stacks that can be custom built to meet each customer’s specific goals. Everyone’s different, after all, and no one wants to be forced into a box.

I am so happy to be in the driver seat of the Iron Mag Labs Affiliate program and with any luck, I’ll be able to convince Rob to maybe bring back some original content. He must think I’m a broken record, sometimes, but I miss IronMag TV so much. We had some amazing programs and I’m a firm believer that original content is a huge driving force. One of my favorite shows from back in the day was Beast Coast LIVE, featuring Chris “The Goon” Griffin and “Big” Mike Cox. They killed it every week with great analysis, awesome guests, and a love and passion for all things bodybuilding. It was second to none!! I also liked doing my weekly news show and think there were some other gems on the roster as well. Who knows what the future holds, but you guys know that IMTV will always be something I push for.

One thing that’s a definite go, however, is advertising. I’m ecstatic that Iron Mag Labs will once again be visible on major websites like RxMuscle, Evolution of Bodybuilding, and Muscular Development. It’s important that the company be visible on major websites. All of these sites have been friends to the brand – through thick and thin. Years ago, when I took over as Marketing Director (really Social Media Director), I was blamed for IronMag pulling advertising from many of the big websites. As I said then, and I’ll reiterate now, Robert is the boss, owner, and the captain of the ship. No one tells him what to do with his company and back then he wanted to go in a certain direction and I was brought on to lead those efforts. For years, I was blamed by some folks in the industry for basically ending the IronMag gravy train. It wasn’t my doing, but the spending was pretty crazy. After 2018 and with all the problems the world faced, IML took a huge break from advertising. Today, there’s a new approach and a new campaign being implemented that includes aggressive advertising and a revamped affiliate program.

Another great move IML has made is advertising with Johnny Bravo, who’s absolutely killing it on YouTube!! Not only is he getting a boatload of views, but the production value is absolutely phenomenal. When you work with Johnny, you’re working with a guy who takes his work extremely seriously. His presentation is spot on, as are his talking points, and familiarity with subjects discussed. He’s a far cry from so many of the wannabes, the YouTubers who look like they just got out of bed, walked to their garage, and just rambled into their webcams. You just compare Bravo to the questionably talented hosts living in their mothers’ basements who have tended to rule the YouTube world. He’s a real pro and I couldn’t be happier to have his videos kick off with an Iron Mag Labs ad! I’m excited to see where the partnership goes, moving forward.

All in all, Iron Mag Labs is in a really great spot! The products have a totally new look. The website was rebuilt and revamped. We’re launching a new affiliate program, we’re working with great talent, and the company will have a presence on some of the most respected and visited websites in bodybuilding and fitness. Be sure to stay tuned for more, by visiting , following the company on all social media platforms, and if you’re looking to MAKE SOME MONEY, definitely get in touch with me.