The Fastest Growing Health and Fitness Brands in 2021

by Matt Weik

You know I keep it real. And I’m not about to sugar-coat things. 2020 was an absolute shit show for the health and fitness industry. For the most part, health and fitness brands were forced to close down, lock their doors, and wait for the pandemic to hopefully blow over sooner rather than later. Well, that never happened, and we’re still feeling the effects.

That being said, some real winners came out of 2020, and the future looks bright for many of these health and fitness brands as things continue to progress and open up in 2021.

What health and fitness brands are tightening up their lifting belt and grinding it out? Let’s check them out. Here are some of the brands that Entrepreneur Magazine deemed the fastest growing brands from 2020. They looked at a total of 150 brands from all industries, and here are the top 10 of the health and fitness brands included in their list.

F45 Training – #8

This fitness studio has been exploding and opening doors all over the place. They currently have 1,298 franchises with a unit growth of 253 franchises from the previous year. The startup cost to open an F45 Training facility is $313k-485k.

Anytime Fitness – #10

Anytime Fitness needs no introduction. If you leave your house at any point during the week, you probably pass one of their locations. They currently have a whopping 4,739 franchises with a unit growth of 223 franchises from the previous year. If you wanted to open up an Anytime Fitness location, the cost would range between $96k-$524k.

Planet Fitness – #14

Love them or hate them, they’re makin’ that money! With 1,960 franchises and a growth of 200 additional franchises, Planet Fitness continues to expand its footprint across the nation as a “Judgment-Free” workout facility. Want to start your own Planet Fitness franchise? I hope you have some coin in the bank as it will set you back $968k-$4m.

Smoothie King – #19

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a delicious smoothie? Maybe it’s a healthy greens smoothie or even a protein-packed post-workout smoothie? Regardless, each time the blender turns on, it sounds like they dumped a roll of quarters in, and all they hear is the sound of money. There are currently 1,155 franchises with a growth of 121 locations. If you’re a fan of healthy food and beverages and want to start your own Smoothie King, expect to pay anywhere from $270k-$846k.

Tropical Smoothie Café – #33

If you want to open a business that makes some mouth-watering smoothies, salads, wraps, and sandwiches, Tropical Smoothie Café should be on your radar. With 870 franchises currently and a growth of 87 locations, this is one of the health and fitness brands that we should all have on our radar with each passing year. If you wanted to open your own franchise, it would set you back $199k-$544k.

Your CBD Store – #47

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or in a cave, CBD is a hot topic and business these days with tons of money to be made. Even better is the fact that this is one of the health and fitness brands that are still in their infancy stage yet showing good growth. With a year under their belt and 58 franchises, there’s room to grow within the franchise family, and the cost should appeal to make people who don’t have a ton of capital. Your CBD Store would run you $65k-$81k if you wanted to open your own franchise location.

The Exercise Coach – #55

I’ll be completely honest… I’ve never heard of this company in my life, but here they are, making the list of fastest-growing health and fitness brands. They currently have 119 franchise locations and grew 52 in 2020. If you wanted to have your own personal training studio to call your own, expect to pay $119k-$332k.

Burn Boot Camp – #60

This is another brand on our list of health and fitness brands that I’ve never heard of. When doing some digging, Burn Boot Camp is a women’s fitness center that utilizes a boot camp style of training. They currently have 257 franchises and grew 45 during 2020. If you wanted to open up a Burn Boot Camp, the pricing ranges from $150k-$407k.

Club Pilates Franchise – #66

If you’re into Pilates, this is a great way to open up your own business where you can hold Reformer Pilates classes. With 594 locations, they grew by an additional 43 franchises the previous year. The cost to open this franchise is $178k-$365k.

CycleBar – #78

CycleBar is slowly but steadily growing its footprint across the nation. If cardio workouts are your thing, this is a great business model to jump into. They currently have 208 franchise locations and added 38 in 2020. While not the largest brand on our list, the cost to own a franchise could make you sweat as much as the actual indoor cycling classes at a price of $403k-$499k.