Is Phil Heath on the PBD Podcast a Good Play?

by Matt Weik

To kick this article off, if you’re not already a subscriber to the Valuetainment YouTube channel, I highly recommend you subscribe. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, the information that they share on that channel will help everyone. They even have videos and information on how to be a successful intrapreneur for those who don’t want to branch out on their own and want to treat their current job as if it were their own business. But the topic I want to discuss today involves Phil Heath being on the PBD Podcast. Is this a good play for him or a total waste of his time?

What the Heck is the PBD Podcast?

The PBD Podcast is a platform that Patrick Bet-David created to talk about anything and everything going on in the world today, and it gets broken down into the business of each topic. Over the last few months, Phil Heath has been a regular on their show. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the PBD Podcast as is, along with Patrick Bet-David, himself (his new book is amazing if you like reading about how to be successful).

Phil Heath has been sitting in a room with a mic the past few months talking about various topics and has shown he’s more than just muscles, which if you’ve ever spent any amount of time with Phil and really struck up a conversation with him, the man is incredibly intelligent.

While Phil seems to be the “meathead” of the group, he’s able to hang in there with converse with his other millionaire co-hosts. They even had Phil do a live stream during the Olympia, giving his opinion of what’s going on and breaking it all down, which I thought was interesting considering most of the people watching Valuetainment I wouldn’t imagine are into bodybuilding. But this brings up the next topic.

The PBD Podcast Will Only Help Phil Heath

The PBD Podcast is a big podcast, and the Valuetainment YouTube channel has over three million subscribers. In the background, Phil is also actively starting up his own podcast (I don’t have any details on it at this point). Everything just seems to tie in nicely for all parties. Patrick Bet-David is a huge bodybuilding fan and, when he was younger, aspired to be on the Olympia stage. Fortunately for him, he started a very successful insurance business and is also growing his media business (Valuetainment).

So, where am I going with this? As I stated earlier, Phil is a bright man. I’ve spent time with him when he was one of my athletes at MET-Rx, we’ve had meals together, trained together, and had some high-level conversations about business and the future. Phil’s no dummy. He was also picked up by Seven Bucks Productions, a production company owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The production company is buttoning up a documentary on Phil and with his ability to chat about it on the PBD Podcast further helps get it out there.

Some may be thinking that The Rock had something to do with Phil being on the PBD Podcast, but I’d say that I don’t believe that to be the case. Phil has been a part of “The Vault,” which is a big event put on by Patrick Bet-David where he brings in speakers and sells tickets to the event — primarily positioned for business owners and entrepreneurs. If my memory is correct, Phil has been a part of two Vault conferences thus far, speaking on different topics. He and Patrick Bet-David seem to be pretty tight at this point.

In 2020 we witnessed the comeback of Phil Heath to the Olympia stage, where he placed third. While third is nothing to shake a stick at, Phil then bowed out of the 2021 Olympia altogether (for whatever reason) and seems to be putting his focus and efforts into his own things — which props to him.

Being that Phil Heath no longer needs bodybuilding, I believe his focus is going to be on building businesses and continuing to grow his investment portfolio. Does that mean he’s done on the stage? Eh, I’m not so sure that’s the case. He hasn’t officially mentioned that he’s retired, but he also hasn’t mentioned that he’s prepping for anything in the future. Personally, I don’t think we will ever see Phil on the Olympia stage ever again. He seemed pretty annoyed that no one was calling him from the Olympia trying to get him back in 2021. If I had to take a guess, I think his next show is going to be at Athleticon (a show put on by Dwayne Johnson in 2022).

All that being said, shaking hands and rubbing elbows with a man like Patrick Bet-David is certainly a good way to shift your mindset into business mode and learn a thing or two that could add a few commas to your bank account, something I’m sure Phil wouldn’t have a problem with.

Here’s What I Think Needs to Happen Next…

If you’re interested in the fitness industry, you probably know the name, Phil Heath. If you’re an entrepreneur or successful business owner, you probably know the name Patrick Bet-David. One avenue that I haven’t seen played out yet is the combination of how important health and fitness are for entrepreneurs. Here’s what I’d like to see happen.

I know Phil… Phil knows me. I’ve communicated with Patrick Bet-David through social media a few times, and we talked about potentially working on some projects with my background in writing and the health/fitness industry (nothing panned out). What if Phil and Patrick had a podcast on Valuetainment where they spoke about improving the health of entrepreneurs and business owners? After all, if the owner gets sick (or worse), there is no business anymore in that case. Heck, I’d even be willing to co-host with Phil.

What do you say, guys? You down? Patrick, you have our messages from IG that you can simply reply to our old convo, and Phil, I got a new number after leaving MET-Rx, message me and let’s chat. I think we could help a ton of people shift their mindset and fitness level to help take their businesses to new heights.