How to Be a Successful and Resourceful Brand Ambassador

by Matt Weik

Look at just about anyone’s bio on Instagram these days who have a fitness or bodybuilding-related page and what do you see? “XYZ15 for 15% off of your LMNOP Supplements order.” Can we blame them for the ability to leverage their social media following to make some extra money or get free supplements? Heck no! But if you want to be a successful and resourceful brand ambassador, there are a few key things you need to possess.

In this article, I want to lay down what you need to do and focus on in order to be a brand ambassador. With anyone and everyone signing up to be a part of a supplement brand’s ambassador program, what is going to make you stand out?

Brands are getting smarter these days and doing a much better job vetting their brand ambassador applications. They want a team that can help them grow their sales, increase their brand awareness, and continue to build a strong community around the brand that consumers can be proud to be a part of. Unfortunately, today, that’s not always what’s going on.

Here are nine key things you need to know and focus on to be a successful and resourceful brand ambassador.

1. Supplement Knowledge

If you are going to represent a supplement company and be a brand ambassador, you need to at least be knowledgeable about supplements and how to use them properly. By no means am I saying you need to be a chemist and be able to formulate products in your sleep, but at least know the various types of supplements out there as well as the line you are looking to represent and how to effectively use their products.

2. Fitness Knowledge

Supplements and fitness go hand-in-hand. The supplements you would be promoting deal with fitness and workouts. Have a base understanding of workouts, muscle groups, how the body works, why you use certain exercises, various training protocols, etc. so that you can help people choose the right products to suit their individual needs. Remember, you’re not going to be a successful brand ambassador if all you do is push out your coupon code everywhere without adding value.

3. Actually Buy and Use the Brand’s Products

This is the biggest pet-peeve of mine. If you want to so badly be a brand ambassador for a supplement company, they would expect you to at least be using their products. They’re going to comb your social media. They’re going to look at orders through their website. And if they don’t see you talking about their products or that you’ve purchased through them in the past, your chances are very slim that they will bring you on board as a brand ambassador. They want authenticity. Not someone just looking to make some extra cash.

4. Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

If you want to be a brand ambassador, at least walk the walk and talk the talk. If you’re 400 pounds at 68% body fat and sit on the couch all day, don’t expect to get a supplement company’s attention. If they look at your social media, they should see physique shots, images of you working out, pics of you using their supplements, etc. Brands these days do their homework (at least the respectable brands do) so that they can choose the best candidates. After all, you would be a direct reflection of them as people would look at you for validation if the products work.

5. If You Don’t Know… ASK

It’s 100% acceptable to not have all the answers. If someone asks you a question online that you don’t know, tell them you aren’t sure, but you’ll get the answer. Then, email or message your representative at the brand and ask them the question. Once you get the answer, report back to the person who originally asked the question. Don’t make up an answer that can be wrong which can put the brand in a pickle legally.

6. You’re Building a Name, Not Wealth

Thinking this is your ticket to get rich? Think again. Being a brand ambassador is more about helping to build your name while being connected to a supplement company rather than an avenue to an early retirement and a Lambo. You should be looking to work with a brand you use and love and have it be a mutual partnership where all parties win. If you’re in it for the money, you’re going to be extremely disappointed in the results as you can’t make a living off of coupon code commissions.

7. You’re Representing a Business

How you act not only is a reflection of yourself, but also the business. If you act like a fool online, expect to be removed as a brand ambassador. If you give advice that is untrue, false, and potentially harmful, you’re putting that company you represent in a compromised position. Now, they may need to legally defend themselves over something you said or did and that’s not going to play to your advantage if you want a long-term partnership with the supplement brand. Be helpful (as well as factual) and be courteous in your role as a brand ambassador.

8. If You Don’t Work, Don’t Expect to Get Paid

You get out of life what you put into it and being a brand ambassador is no different. Just because you have a coupon code that can provide you with a commission doesn’t mean the money is guaranteed. If you aren’t actively out there trying to make sales and help people, no one is going to use your coupon code to make you a little money. Not only that, but thinking that just because you helped someone, they’re going to use your code is a pipedream. They understand you make money when they use your code and that may turn some people off – and you’re just going to need to be ok with that fact.

9. If you Spam Everyone, It Damages Both You and the Brand

As a brand ambassador, the last thing you want to do is spam out your code for people to use. If you do that, you’re going to be a part of the NFL clue (the No Friends Left club). I look at MLM companies as an example of this. I’m sure you have experienced that time where someone kept pushing a brand on you and kept telling you the supplements are the best out there and if you make a purchase to use your code for a discount – you know the song and dance I’m talking about. That’s a great way to have friends and family stop talking to you. It also damages the reputation of the brand and leaves people with a bad taste in their mouths. Be specific with when you promote your brand ambassador code and don’t simply do the old “spray and pray method” in hopes of making some money.