Will Immunity Boosting-Supplements Continue to Boom Post-Pandemic?

by Matt Weik

With everything going on in the world today, immunity-boosting supplements have been the new craze. And for good reason as everyone is trying to stay healthy. Brands who have never cared about immunity, vitamins, minerals, etc. are now launching their very own line of immunity supplements. But once we are out of this “pandemic” we are under, will the sales continue to boom, or will we find things going back to normal where people couldn’t care less about their immunity and whether or not they are able to fight off illnesses and viruses?

In this article, I want to raise the question as to what the future holds for immunity-boosting supplements. Will this be a fad where brands get in and get out while making a quick buck or is this something more and a longer-term play?

Get in While the Getting is Good

You can’t hate the hustle. Welcome to capitalism. Find an opportunity to make money while also helping people and then go out and execute your plan. I can’t blame supplement brands for launching immunity-boosting supplements at a time like this where people are afraid of “the invisible virus” and want to ensure they do anything and everything possible to stay healthy.

But I do want to make sure people are aware of the good things some of these brands are doing as well which does not put any money directly into their pocket, but rather their actions are helping the lives of many on the front line. Mark Glazier is one of those guys I think needs to be recognized. Regardless of if you’ve ever used a NutraBio product in the past or not, this man is giving away exclusive immunity-boosting supplements to first responders and those on the front lines.

To me, that’s honorable and commendable. Will the community and those he helps remember his act of kindness and possibly become a customer down the road? Maybe, maybe not. But I’m sure that isn’t something Mark is thinking about.

What I hope isn’t happening (and we won’t know this unless we start testing products), is that brands are creating these immunity-boosting supplements but fairy-dusting them to the point where it’s not an efficacious dose and won’t do these people any good who are taking them. It’s just causing their wallet to get lighter without any real benefit. I’m not naïve to think this isn’t happening, but what I’m saying is it’s wrong on many levels and if a brand is found doing this, they need to be punished.

Just like those who pivoted and started making masks and sanitizer, supplement companies saw the opportunity to get in when the demand is there and are making thousands of dollars from their efforts and quick thinking. I applaud them.

But… Will It Continue?

I pondered about this all day yesterday trying to decide what direction I think immunity-boosting supplements will go. Here is what I finally decided (at least in my head, you may disagree).

Immunity boosting supplements will not go away. Brands didn’t go out and quickly source raw materials and spend all of that money manufacturing products quickly just to wash their hands of it and walk away. I believe that this pandemic has opened the eyes of many people and that they need to take better care of their health. Not to mention, come the colder months, everyone starts to get the sniffles, and boosting their immunity now is a great way to possibly keep away some of the sicknesses they face seasonally.

With so many things that can cause us to get sick, it’s a wonder why people haven’t been concerned about this even before the outbreak. Personally, I know the benefits of immunity-boosting supplements like the common vitamin C and vitamin D – and there are many other supplements out there you can purchase in various formulas and profiles. Our bodies are under constant attack by free radicals. Just because we can’t see the enemy or feel its effects does not mean it’s not there. And these free radicals are what can open the floodgates for viruses to come in and attack while the immune system is weakened.

Thanks to antioxidants we find in our food (and some supplements), much of the damage that could be done to our body is stopped before it gets to the point where we fall ill. That’s one of the main reasons why I feel immunity-boosting supplements are so important for all of us to use and implement into our daily supplement regimen.

While I’m sure there will be people who will fall off and stop using immunity-boosting supplements post-pandemic, I think a greater portion have been woken up and will take their health a little more seriously now after everything that has been going on. I think things like the common cold and other illnesses will begin freaking people out, thinking they have coronavirus. And for that reason, the sales will continue to remain steady months after all of this goes away. I see an increase in doctor visits once everything opens back up as well.

Help Those Who Need These Supplements the Most

The people who are the most susceptible to illness and this virus are the ones who should be utilizing immunity-boosting supplements. I’m talking about the elderly and those who have preexisting medical conditions that compromise their immune system. If someone in your family fits that criteria and cannot make it out to the store or does not have access to the internet, go out and purchase something for them to help keep their immunity elevated. Sure, you may want to speak with their doctor prior to ensure the product/ingredients won’t interfere with any medications they are on, but implementing immunity-boosting supplements will only help them if given the green light from their doctor.

In closing, I see immunity-boosting supplements continuing to sell and being pushed after all of this is behind us. I think people will understand that no one is coming to save them – including the government. In fact, they want to keep everyone at home and leave you there to figure things out on your own. It’s time we all take a good hard look at our lives, lifestyle choices, and health. You are your own first and last line of defense and if you aren’t worried about your health, no one else is.

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