Two Exciting New Protein Snacks to Keep Your Eyes Out For

by Matt Weik

Well… well… well… Here we are again. This time, we are closing out the year strong with some exciting new protein snacks to share with you. Now, one is still in development (but worth mentioning), while the other is currently available to purchase.

That said, if you follow my work, you know I love new protein snacks. The entire functional food and beverage market is something I get excited about. Why? Because it provides us with something different to include in our nutrition plan to help us hit our recommended daily protein intake with something delicious.

Before we get started, I personally have not tried either of the products I’m about to mention, but I hope to get my hands on them as soon as I venture out to look for them in-store (and as soon as the other is launched).

Pure Protein Puffs

Some of you may be saying, “Eh, these are nothing new.” And I’d have to agree with you that protein puffs aren’t something new and innovative, but it provides you with more choices when it comes to protein puff options and new protein snacks. There are other similar options out there from brands like Twin Peaks, Snack House, MPA Supps, Shrewd Food, iWon Organics, Bowmar Nutrition, and Fit Crunch.

If any of you know my background, I worked specifically with Pure Protein (as well as the other Nature’s Bounty Co. health and fitness brands like MET-Rx, Balance Bar, Best Bar Ever, and the old school Worldwide Nutrition before it was sold off) and sort of have a soft spot in my heart for these brands.

The tough thing with the health and fitness brands from Nature’s Bounty Co. is that no one really talks about them. Sure, sales may still be doing fairly decent, but no one is walking into a health and supplement store asking for these products. They make their money in the FDM markets. Pure Protein is also very much pushed towards the female demographic, but none the less, their products have a decent profile and taste.

These Pure Protein Puffs contain 130 calories, 5g of fat, 3g of carbohydrates, 1g of sugar, and 18g of protein (from milk protein isolate). These new protein snacks are naturally flavored, contain no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, and are gluten-free and non-GMO. Currently available in two flavors (Brick Oven Pizza and Nacho Cheese), each bag looks to be priced reasonably (at Wal-Mart) for around $1.98 per bag.

Should you give a bag a try and enjoy these new protein snacks, they are also available in a 6ct box. The Pure Protein Puffs can make for a perfect on-the-go snack option when you want something crunchy with bold flavors to satisfy your craving.

The Ghost Protein Bar

Next on our list is something you may be on the edge of your seat waiting for the launch date to be announced. Ghost is no stranger to launching some bangers of products. In fact, the brands who I work with, when they ask me what I’m seeing out there and what they should do to help grow their business, I always bring up Ghost. They’re doing things right. What else can you say?

They’ve launched product after product, and with each release, their sales explode. They’ve built their business online by creating a community. It’s a lifestyle brand that resonates with many consumers, which is why their line is so sought-after and talked about.

Recently, they’ve launched an RTD energy drink that has had some rave reviews (I’ve yet to try their energy drink to provide my own feedback). They’ve even gone at the gaming community with some specific products to suit their needs as well. It’s hard to knock their hustle.

Now, they are looking to introduce new protein snacks in the form of their very own protein bar. There is no launch date that I have seen thus far, yet from what sources have been reporting, the bar will launch sometime in 2021.

If there’s one thing that we know and expect from Ghost, it’s unique flavors. While I’m told they tested a cookies and cream bar, I’m hoping they are stepping outside of the standard bar flavors and bringing to market something that no one expects in a protein bar.

I need to give props where props are due, and if we were to look at one bar brand that is keeping things fresh, it’s Outright with all of their new protein snacks. Marc Lobliner is building a real food bar empire, and I’d like to see Ghost follow in Marc’s footsteps and launch protein bar flavors that are outside the box.

The Ghost protein bar, from what sources are saying, looks to be a smaller size bar. While most bars out there tend to be around the 50g to 100g total weight, Ghost may be launching something even smaller than 50g potentially (it has not been confirmed).

Right now, information surrounding the Ghost protein bar’s macros are hush-hush. If I were to guess, I’d say more news about the bar will be released around the new year with maybe a few hits at what flavor(s) will be available.

All in all, we have a couple of new protein snacks to look forward to and try. Do either of these new protein snacks intrigue you? Which would you like to try? Let us know down in the comments.