The Best of Momo Mafia – Don’t Be A Fucko!!

The Best of Momo Mafia – Don’t Be A #Fucko showcases several of the show’s best tracks, from the 2017 and 2018 eras. Video produced for IronMag TV. Be sure to check out the following clip.

All Tracks Featuring #GreggValentino

  • 0:00 Sampling effect from The Real Chris Brah
  • 0:02 Vince Goodrum Retard Clip
  • 0:14 Luimarco Rant Clip
  • 0:32 Honoring Rich Piana
  • 1:39 Lou Ferrigno Diss Clip
  • 1:50 Mother In Law Fart
  • 2:22 Guest Appearance: Chris “The Goon” Griffin of Beast Coast LIVE!!
  • 3:25 Ruining An Old’s Man Shoes (Bonus Clip)