Post Consumer Brands Makes First Cereal Flavored Protein Powder

by Matt Weik

Here of late, we have seen some supplement companies swapping out their boring protein powder flavors for some unique collaborations with other behemoths in other industries and I’m happy to say that Post Consumer Brands (Post Holdings/Post Cereal) has finally decided to dabble in the space with a new (and first of its kind) cereal flavored protein powder to hit the market. And honestly, I’m really excited about this protein powder.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Dymatize products, even though I’m friends with some of their athletes. It’s not that I didn’t think Dymatize products weren’t good products, it was just a matter of I had other products that interested me more. There was never really anything that Dymatize launched that screamed at me or caught my attention. Again, this isn’t a knock at the brand, as right now I’m super pumped to try this new cereal flavored protein powder.

What is it that I’m so excited to try? It’s Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles cereal flavored protein powder that they have been teasing on their Instagram account.

Snack and Cereal Flavored Protein Powder Collaborations

Now, in the case of Post Consumer Brands/Post Cereal, they don’t need to go out of their way to launch cereal flavored protein powder as they own many of the top cereals on the market today. But what you may not have known if you aren’t deep in the industry is that Post Holdings, Inc. acquired Dymatize back in 2013 for $380 million – so Dymatize is part of their portfolio. Many were unsure how this would play out and we have witnessed Dymatize making many changes since 2013 to the brand and is trying to bring it back to life.

Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles have been great selling cereals for years under Post. I remember eating them as a kid more than 30 years ago. And with the recent move of various brands leveraging unique flavoring (with protein powder, pre-workouts, and intra-workouts), it only made sense for Post and Dymatize to create this cereal flavored protein powder.

One area that has me wondering how the licensing deal is structured is with some of the other cereals they have on the market where they used another brand as the focus. For instance, Post Consumer Brands sells the following cereals, Nutter Butter Cereal, Sour Patch Kids Cereal, Oreo O’s Cereal, Hostess Cereal (Twinkies, Donettes, and Honey Bun), Honey Maid Cereal, and even Chips Ahoy Cereal.

Would Post be able to work a deal to use these as a cereal flavored protein powder? The Chips Ahoy may not work as Ghost Lifestyle has its owner protein powder using Chips Ahoy as a collaboration partner and they also locked up Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish (even though Post has a Sour Patch Kids cereal flavor). Therefore, I would have to assume those flavors are going to be off of the table.

Snack and cereal flavored protein powder have been a huge hit in the supplement industry over the past two years. As brands move away from all the variations of boring chocolate and vanilla flavors, they are using creative flavor profiles to create some truly unique protein powder flavors. I think this movement is going to continue for the next several years as consumers are getting tired of the same old flavors they are accustomed to drinking.

Pebbles Protein Powder: Yabba Dabba Doo!

You can’t help but get “the feels” over the nostalgia of the brand Pebbles and the connection with The Flintstones. Heck, to this day I geek out over someone making rice crispy treats using Fruity Pebbles cereal (if you’ve never had them your life is not complete). Now, both Pebbles are in a cereal flavored protein powder? Shut up and take my money. It brings some excitement back to the boring protein powder market and you can’t help but appreciate the fact that Post Consumer Brands and Dymatize are thinking outside the box here and taking a chance on this product which I, personally, think is going to be a hit – assuming they nailed the flavor which I highly doubt Post would launch the protein powder if it didn’t taste exactly like the actual cereal.

The cereal flavored protein powder will only be available (at least right now) in their ISO100 tubs of protein. And the profile is pretty standard to what we have been seeing with Dymatize ISO100 in the past which is 25g of hydrolyzed whey protein and whey protein isolate, zero fat, 1-2g of carbohydrates, and less than a gram of sugar. Overall, it’s hard to say anything negative about a clean profile like that which makes it extremely versatile.

One area I think is dumb is that Dymatize has decided to add edible glitter to the mixture. I’m not sure who thought this is a good idea, but I don’t believe anyone has ever said, “I wish my protein powder had glitter in it.” In fact, people who understand protein powder know that when you look into a tub of protein, if it shines at all, there’s a huge chance that it contains sugar. I know many times brands would say their protein powder contained no sugar but when you look in the tub all you see are sugar crystals (aka… not meeting label claims).

With over a dozen flavors already available in the Dymatize ISO100 portfolio, it will be interesting to see where Dymatize sells this. If you are a fan of Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesaler locations, you know Dymatize is one of the brands they sell at a steep discount. If I had to guess, the Dymatize Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles flavors will NOT be available at those wholesalers (but I could be wrong). But overall, I’m excited to give this cereal flavored protein powder a try and have my fingers crossed that it tastes exactly like the cereal.