Are Supplements for Kids the Next Big Industry Movement?

by Matt Weik

It’s no secret that the future of this nation lays in the hands of our youth. Education is a major push but what about nutrition? Look at what kids are eating these days – it’s junk. We can’t blame the kids, they aren’t out there shopping for food or spending their own money on products, it comes down to the parents and what they are buying for their kids. With that being said, is it safe to say the next big industry move should be focused on supplements for kids?

You Are What You Eat

When you look at those who are in shape and healthy, what are they eating? Generally healthy foods, right? Along with proper supplementation to fill in the nutritional gaps. So, why shouldn’t that focus not be put on our kids? Look, I’m not here to tell parents how they should raise their kids, but awareness should definitely be part of the conversation.

Personally, I only want what’s best for my kids. I want them to grow up healthy and thriving. I want to put in their body only the best and most nutritious products and ingredients. Sure, kids are kids and I’m not going to say no to the occasional ice cream cone, pizza, and piece of candy, but they should be limited and not endless.

Stemming from that, every once in awhile, I find brands launching supplements for kids and I always thought this was a smart move and one I feel others should consider. I put it on the list right next to supplements for people over 35 – which seems to be forgotten and not marketed towards. The bulk of the supplements out there today are marketed towards those who are 18-35. We’re taking pre-workouts, energy drinks, protein powders, etc. While there’s nothing wrong with that, what about supplements for kids that can improve their health?

Recently, my wife came home from the grocery store and handed me a bar and asked if I’ve ever heard of the brand. The brand was Power Crunch. I absolutely have heard of them and love their delicious protein wafers. I looked at the packaging and saw it was called Power Crunch for Kids. Basically, it is a smaller version of the original bars we are all used to seeing and buying for ourselves. The only difference is that the flavor names are geared more towards kids and the profile is set for their individual needs (lower in every macronutrient).

The Power Crunch for Kids bars come in a Chocolate Lava, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter Honey, and Strawberry Shortcake. You’re looking at 10-11g of protein per bar, around 9g of carbohydrates, 4-5g of sugar, and around 175 calories. Personally, I love it – for many reasons.

Why Are Supplements for Kids Good?

If you think of supplements, you know that most on the label state that the product should not be consumed by anyone under the age of 18. For the most part, this is a safety concern and brand playing it safe from a legal standpoint. Can kids use protein powder? Absolutely. Can they eat protein bars? Sure.

When I eat protein bars and drink protein shakes, my oldest son (5 years old) is always around me asking what I’m having. Do I allow him to take a bite or take a sip? I sure do. I’m not afraid to introduce him to my world and walk with me down the path of good health. In fact, he’s even had a few of the protein bars and nutritional bars that I have around the house.

If a brand I use and trust launches supplements for kids, I’m more willing to give them a try as I trust the brand. I think it’s brilliant. Especially when I’m talking about a brand like Power Crunch. Now, this article isn’t a plug for Power Crunch specifically, but more of a call to action for other brands to think about following suit. You could throw in other brands like KIND and RxBar who also have bars specific to the needs of kids.

The Movement Has Already Began – Will YOU Be on Board?

Supplements for kids is nothing new. Think about back when we were kids. I’m sure you have heard of and even taken Flintstone Vitamins. It only makes sense. Our kids don’t have the best diet – let’s face the facts. They aren’t eating the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables (at least not the majority). Therefore, there are nutritional gaps our kids are missing. This can all be alleviated and fixed through the use of supplements for kids.

You can even look at the snacks consumed by kids. Generally, it’s unhealthy and full of sugar. If we had supplements for kids that included nutritional bars and drinks that they enjoy and will consume, it just makes sense, right?

Supplement brands that already sell nutritional bars and protein bars already have the raw materials needed. It’s not like they would need to go out and source all new materials. It would be as simple as changing the formula and profile to match the needs of children.

Brands like Sundown, Gerber, and PediaSure are already targeting kids with their specific products on the market. What about brands like Balance Bar, Pure Protein, MET-Rx, Outright, Quest, Vega, and Orgain? I urge all of these brands to consider launching their own supplements for kids.

Will It Work?

The question becomes, will supplements for kids work? I can only give you my opinion on the subject, but my feeling is yes. It’s brand recognition that can help push this forward. If I use MET-Rx bars, Quest Bars, Outright Bars, and my kids see me eating them, they are more likely to be willing to try them as well. They know the brand and can make the connection whether we realize that or not.

If we eat an Outright Bar and our kid sees us doing so, and we have a bar of the same brand for him or her, they are going to mirror what their parents eat. In a sense, it’s a “cool factor.” Now you have a product for you AND your kids. I think many brands are missing the boat here and I urge them to look into this and consider taking action. Doing so can be incredibly profitable for them.