A CBD Beverage Collaboration Between Kill Cliff and Joe Rogan?

by Matt Weik

Kill Cliff is a brand that needs no introduction. Now, Joe Rogan, on the other hand… just kidding. This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen from a collaboration standpoint other than the things Ghost Lifestyle is doing with their unique flavor partnerships. Kill Cliff has been selling a CBD beverage for a little while now, but with the man, himself, Joe Rogan putting his hand in the cookie jar, you know there’s going to be something special happening.

Joe Rogan is no stranger to CBD (cannabidiol) or even marijuana, for that matter. But the fact that Joe Rogan has teamed up with Kill Cliff for their CBD beverage just makes sense. While the CBD beverage collaboration is supposed to be for a limited time, I can only assume that they will make this a regular flavor in their portfolio once sales explode.

A Unique CBD Beverage Called “Flaming Joe”

In case you’ve been living under a rock, CBD is a hot product these days, and for good reason – it’s been helping many people through the many benefits it can provide. Will CBD stay as an over-the-counter product, or will Big Pharma come in and try to hold it hostage? That is yet to be seen, but I think it’s a fair assumption that they are pushing hard to get it regulated to the point where they are the only ones able to distribute it and further build a stronghold on the US population.

The Kill Cliff CBD beverage utilizes 25mg of CBD (broad-spectrum hemp with 0% THC), caffeine, B vitamins, electrolytes, is sugar-free (you’re getting 13g of Erythritol), contains 15g of carbohydrates, is keto-friendly, and contains only 20 calories per can.

Overall, that’s a “killer” profile (see what I did there?). While there are already four flavors in their portfolio, Flaming Joe (spicy pineapple) is their fifth. What exactly does “Flaming Joe” taste like? From what I have read (since I haven’t tried the product), it is a combination of pineapple and some heat from jalapeño.

Here’s the downside – it’s crazy expensive (in my opinion). I’m talking dang near $6 per can. A case of 12 cans will run you $69 on the Kill Cliff website. That’s a tough pill to swallow for most. At that price point, it may make sense for people to simply purchase a CBD product and then drink an energy drink along with it after you take your CBD dose. In the end, you’d still be way under the $6 price tag per serving.

Also, while there’s 25mg of CBD in this CBD beverage, that might not do much for some people. For instance, I need WAY MORE than 25mg of CBD to feel anything or notice any changes. I like using CBD (probably like most people) to help me reduce my stress level and relax. We all live crazy busy lives, and there is a definite need for us to slow things down and lower our cortisol levels by better managing stress.

Joe Rogan Will Market the Heck Out of This

Joe Rogan is no dummy. I’m not sure how much he is being paid for this collaboration on the CBD beverage, but it had to be a high enough figure to make him consider putting his name on the product (which he doesn’t do very often). He also had to believe heavily in the brand in order to back them and want to do any sort of collaboration with Kill Cliff.

When it comes to marketing, Kill Cliff went for the home run. They didn’t want someone who could get them singles and doubles here and there. They wanted the Barry Bonds of the marketability scene who would knock it out of the park every time they went up to bat. Therefore, it only made sense for them to choose the best man for the role – Joe Rogan.

If you’re into podcasts (heck, you don’t even need to be into them), you’d know Joe Rogan has the #1 podcast. It’s hard to think of a podcast show out there without thinking about Joe Rogan and his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. In a nutshell, Joe Rogan does and says whatever he wants on his shows. You can think of it along the lines of Howard Stern. Joe brings on various guests, discusses various topics, and even sneaks in a joint here and there with guests like Elon Musk.

He recently split from iHeartRadio and signed on the dotted line to make the switch over to Spotify for a cool $100 million payday. Why do I bring this up? Because if Spotify wanted in on a piece of the CBD beverage action, they could work with Kill Cliff to bring in advertising spots on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and everyone can make a little money from it.

CBD is also a topic that Joe Rogan discusses a lot on his podcast as is, so his collaboration with Kill Cliff would naturally flow into his show. Joe has talked about CBD with guests like Miley Cyrus, Ron Funches, and Hannibal Buress.

Those who watch the podcast on various platforms could get an even better visual of the beverage if Joe were able to provide product placement for Kill Cliff in his backdrop or on his desk. Even better, drink the CBD beverage throughout the show and provide one for his guests to drink as well.

If the CBD beverage collaboration between Kill Cliff and Joe Rogan is something you want to try, head over to the Kill Cliff website. As mentioned, one case of 12 cans will set you back $69, but at the time of writing this article, you can get 30% off of a second case of the CBD beverage, or when you buy three cases, you’ll get the fourth free.

Is this CBD beverage something you’d want to try? Does the “Flaming Joe” sound like a flavor you’d enjoy? Let us know down in the comments. And if you’ve tried this product or flavor, let us know your opinions of it.