Nataliya Kuznetsova Destroys Male Pro Bodybuilders

by Matt Weik

I’ve been sitting here for about ten minutes now just trying to figure out how to start this article on Nataliya Kuznetsova. I guess the only thing you can say is “holy shit.” The end. End of story. But seriously, all joking aside, I am completely and utterly speechless. I’m still trying to process what I saw on stage a couple weeks back at the Wings of Strength show (Romania Muscle Fest).

Iris Kyle who?

I don’t think there was ever a time I thought someone could beat Iris Kyle. I mean, we are talking about the most decorated female bodybuilder to ever walk this earth. 10-time Ms. Olympia winner, seven Ms. International titles, and more titles to her name. There has never been an IFBB professional bodybuilder on the women’s side of the sport who could even come close to what Iris brought to the stage.

To give you some perspective, on stage she was around 157-165 pounds. In the off-season, she would get up to around 175-180 pounds. Nataliya Kuznetsova, on the other hand, competes at 220 pounds! That’s around 40 pounds more than Iris even in her off-season weight! Not to mention more than the men’s 212 division! Nataliya is straight up bonkers when it comes to female bodybuilding and is only 27.

Straight up beast mode!

Nataliya Kuznetsova isn’t just a bodybuilder. She is a world arm lifting champion as well as a bench press and deadlift champion. Now, before everyone screams out the obvious, unlike most bodybuilders out there today, Nataliya is open about her steroid use – and it’s blatantly obvious (there’s no disputing the fact that a female cannot get that muscular naturally).

When I tell you she looks cartoonish, that’s exactly the only way you can describe her physique. Think of the cartoonish look that Roelly Winklaar possesses on the men’s side and simply add long hair to his physique. It’s nuts. Or let me put it this way… after winning the Romania Muscle Fest, she was taking pictures with William Bonac and she made him look small. We are talking about one of the most elite bodybuilders on stage today who is an Olympia contender being dwarfed by a female bodybuilder. Let that sink in for a minute.

Social Media Phenom!

It’s clear when you’re a 220+ pound female bodybuilder, you’re going to get quite the attention – some good, some bad. But, just looking at her 374k+ following on Instagram, there are a ton of people who are mesmerized by her physique and applaud her for her work.

Look, sure, steroids can make you put on muscle mass, but you still need to put in the work. Her dedication to getting that big is not a simple feat. It takes time, consistency, and a metric shit-ton of weight being moved around. If you follow her on social media, you would see what her life looks like and the sheer insanity that her physique brings to the social platform.

There’s even a photo on her Instagram page where she is standing next to Shawn Rhoden and Shawn’s facial expressions says it all. If there was a text bubble above his head it would say, “this chick is bigger than me!” Which brings me to my next point.

Move over men!

Without a shadow of a doubt, Nataliya Kuznetsova will destroy just about any male bodybuilder out there today (with some exceptions). She has a tiny waist and HUGE muscles. The v-taper you see on Nataliya simply isn’t seen on the male side of the sport. Her quads are freakish. Her arms are massive. She’s symmetrical and aesthetic. And her abs are extremely defined.

If I had to pick apart any piece of her physique it would be when she turns around. From the back, she is softer than from the front. I’m assuming she is already aware of this if she looks at pictures, but if she can bring up her backside, I can honestly say she would take down the majority of the male pro bodybuilders today.

Wow-factor yet worried…

I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like Nataliya Kuznetsova. This Russian phenom could very well be the most muscular woman in the world (no joke). With all of that being said, I do worry about her health. Bodybuilders, in general, aren’t the healthiest based on what they do and the things they take to achieve a desired look. Combine all of that with a female whose hormones are already different from a man and it could cause many health issues down the road (if not already that she is managing). I wish her the best and I can definitely see her going down in history as one of the greatest female bodybuilders of all-time if she can step on the IFBB stage and take home some hardware.