Be A Freak in the Sheets with These 3 Supplements

by Matt Weik

Secretly we all want to be a porn star. No? Ok, maybe just me. But, if you want to throw down (you know what I mean) in the bedroom, you might want to consider the three boner-boosting supplements I’m about to mention. No, none of them are Viagra or any pharmaceutical drug that you’d need a prescription for or the need to pick up on the black market from some guy in an alleyway with no teeth. Why doesn’t he have teeth? I don’t know. Follow along. These supplements are considered all-natural and over-the-counter. In addition, they can also help your overall health and wellness as well (a win-win).

Guys, let’s get serious for a second (and only a second). Eventually, some of us will end up with a wet noodle at some point. In an effort to revitalize your baby arm down in your drawers and have you feeling like a man again, there are a few supplements you should consider when trying to boost your libido. While most of these will look familiar to you from their health benefits, they also have the ability to put the thunder back down under. Check them out…

1. L-Arginine

If this ingredient looks familiar, it should – it’s commonly used in many pre-workouts on the market. The purpose of L-arginine is to improve blood flow by aiding in dilating the blood vessels. Generally, what happens when you have a wet noodle is that you aren’t getting enough blood flow to your unit (Am I allowed to say dick on the internet or do I need to say penis? I dunno.). This lack of blood flow and limp dick (there, I said it) is medically termed as erectile dysfunction (ED).

L-arginine helps with the production of nitric oxide which aids in getting you hard as well as the possibility of adding some girth down there as well. I mean heck, would you rather throw a hotdog down a hallway or try and push an elephant through? Fun fact: Did you know your penis has the smallest blood vessels in your body? Weird!

When looking for a proper dosage, I would recommend taking around 6 grams of L-arginine per day to see some benefits.

Now don’t get too excited that we need to start questioning if that’s a banana in your pocket or not. Before taking L-arginine, you should talk to your doctor – especially if you are taking any blood pressure medications as this can directly affect your blood pressure and you don’t want it to drop too low or you risk becoming light-headed, fainting, or even the risk of having a stroke.

2. Vitamin D

Want a better sex life? You need to swallow some D in your life… Whoa, easy slugger. I’m talking about vitamin D. I can’t believe you were just about to do that! I probably had you worried for a second. Before you stop reading early to test out your gag reflex, know that vitamin D can come in many forms. Simply being out in the sun can help provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D. However, when you are in the colder months and have limited daylight, many individuals can suffer from seasonal-depression due to not getting enough vitamin D from the sun. On the bright side (threw in a pun for a zinger), there are supplements available for you to purchase.

So, how does vitamin D help your toy soldier stand at attention? Well, depression due to lack of sunlight can bring on ED, so adding vitamin D to your supplement regimen would be ideal. In addition, when you are deficient in vitamin D, it can cause high blood pressure which would directly affect the blood flow to your bipper. Unless you spend a fair amount of time outside during the day in sunlight, there’s a high probability that you aren’t getting enough of this vitamin daily. For that reason, a supplement would be ideal.

Talk to your doctor about supplementing with vitamin D. More than likely, he will recommend you dose anywhere from 600 IU to 2,000 IU per day.

3. Omega-3

Healthy fatty acids? Huh? How are fats going to help me get a chub? Well, omega-3s are very heart healthy and when you improve your cardiovascular system, you can improve blood flow and blood vessel health. Ah! It all makes sense now. When you restrict blood flow with a weak ticker, it’s literally like taking a direct kick in the pants – no good.

You could increase your omega-3s by consuming more fatty fish and nuts in your diet, or, you could grab yourself a fish oil supplement and be done with it – ensuring you’re good to go and taking enough. Personally, I’d recommend doing both. The additional healthy fats can aid in lubricating your joints and keep them healthy. At a bare minimum, you’re going to want 250-500 mg of omega-3s each day.

It would still be wise to double check with your doctor before picking up a fish oil supplement to ensure it won’t interact with any medications you could be on. Also, your doctor might recommend increasing the dosage of omega-3s from what was mentioned above.