People Need to Look at Health Like They Do Race, Religion, and Politics Today

by Matt Weik

There are three things that they say you should never argue over—those three things are race, religion, and politics. I’ll be honest, I want to argue. In fact, I want to fight—fight for our ability to make a change if we all had as much passion for health as we do all of these other things. People these days seem to focus on the things that they can’t control rather than on the things that they can, like their health.

Where are you directing your energy?

Look at how many people are fighting these days. We have people overseas being beheaded because they are Christians. We have people fighting and protesting over things like Black Lives Matter—which in actuality, ALL lives matter. We have people looking for safe spaces and blocking roads and bridges because we have a President who isn’t a politician and is outspoken on social media, so they protest. We have celebrities like Madonna coming out and saying she thought about blowing up the White House. Are you kidding me? If that isn’t some of the most f*cked up sh*t I’ve ever heard than I don’t know what is (potty mouth, sorry mom).

I’ll be honest, this whole article can go in a completely different direction on how much I don’t agree with what’s going on in the world today. But I’ll spare you, maybe we can discuss if we ever have an opportunity to sit down together in person. We have the right to make our voices heard, we have a right to stand and protest peacefully. Yet, when it comes to health, everyone is sitting down with their shades on hoping no one tells them the cold hard facts about their life choices. So, let me get this straight, it’s ok for people to belittle others based off of their race, religion, or political affiliation, but God forbit someone tells them that they are fat. It seems THAT f-word is more powerful than another f-word that comes out of some of our mouths these days. More than 60% of Americans are overweight. Not that we need to really say our nation is “fat” but what else exactly would you call it? Everyone is just big boned? Come on. You’re in denial if you don’t think we have a serious epidemic on our hands.

Sure, go ahead and protest. Go ahead and get your point across by yelling your position and stance on a topic, yet you take no responsibility for your own health. You want to go out and prove a point yet you sit there and willingly take medication for an illness or ailment that you could have prevented or fixed yourself. But you’re too damn lazy. So, you accept a pill from big pharma and take the easy way out. Wouldn’t it be easier to sit in silence and not be out on the front line speaking your mind on race, religion, or politics? Absolutely. So, why is it so hard for you to stand up to your own health and fitness? Do you care more about what others think than on your life and longevity as a human being? What’s more important to you… living a long healthy life or caring what President Trump is saying or doing on Twitter? If it’s the latter, go get your head checked.

Just like Trump wants to put American first, you need to put YOU first

Without getting all political in this article, let’s simply state this… Fix YOU first. Quit throwing stones when you yourself aren’t perfect. Stop choking someone out for having a difference of opinion. Or better yet, give someone a chance and form your own opinion.

We like to focus on things that are wrong with the world or others because it seems to take the reality that we aren’t perfect out of the equation. No one will focus on you because of all the other things going on in the world. If they are bothering someone else, they’re leaving you alone—right? When did we become a bunch of delicate snowflakes where any criticism thrown at us immediately becomes someone else’s problem? When it comes to health and fitness, it all is resting on your shoulders. No one is going to do the work for you. No one is going to force you to change if you don’t want to change yourself. Take the initiative. Take the first step towards bettering your life by changing your poor and unhealthy habits.

So, who are you going to blame for being out of shape and overweight? It couldn’t be because of your poor life choices, right? No way. McDonald’s made you fat. The government made you fat. Your parents made you fat. It’s in your genes and it’s not your fault. We will just keep redirecting the blame because it makes us feel better not having any accountability.

Look at the big picture

What are we all looking for in life? I’m sure we all have a different answer to that question. I’m pretty sure though that none of us want to die at an early age. None of us want to get ill or get a disease that changes our life forever and lowers our quality of life. No one wants that. So, why don’t you take your health and fitness seriously and make it a priority? There’s so much FREE information out there that you can utilize to help change your life. You can find a ton of information right here at Iron Magazine as well as over at my personal website ( We are giving you the tools you need to change your life for the better. While we can’t stand there and hold everyone’s hand, we hope you utilize the information and can apply it to your own life.

Stop worrying about all the things around you that you can’t fix. Start with yourself, and fix that. What you will find is once you start fixing yourself, others will take notice and want in on it. You can then share your experiences and what you have done to transform your life. This has a snowball effect that can help many people around you. Stop with all of the hate and try to love more. The biggest step is loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Many people lash out because deep down they are angry at themselves. They hate their job, they hate their spouse, they hate their lifestyle, they hate the fact that they live paycheck to paycheck, they hate that they are always getting sick, they hate the way they look, they hate how everyone around them has all of these cool things, etc. Then fix it. Start with you and it will be contagious. Focus on the things you can change and have an impact on and quit stressing about the things you have no control over. Don’t take it as a sign for you to roll over and die on topics you believe in, but rather, find a happy medium where majority of your efforts are on positive change that starts with yourself, so that in turn, you might be able to help others. A sound mind and a sound body go hand in hand. When all you do is talk, all you hear is noise. When you go out and make a change and make a difference, you begin to see others take notice and subscribe to not only what you are doing to better your life, but many of them will also want in on what you’re doing. Changing your health and your life can be the change we need in this country. If you want to put something bigger than life on your shoulders, try and change the way we think about our health.