Squatty Potty: Legit or a Piece of Shit?


by Matt Weik

I shit you not (a little poop humor), this is an actual review of a device that supposedly helps you go to the bathroom (#2 to be exact). I’ve seen reviews of the product—some of which are from people in the fitness industry who I trust their opinion. However, after watching and reading reviews I had my doubts even though in theory what it was showing made sense. So what did I do? I asked for one which my wife surprised me with on Valentine’s Day (now that’s love). How can you not laugh at such a device? It’s funny. Laughter is the best form of medicine (unless you have diarrhea). But at the same time, the product is legit and below is why.

If you are in the health/fitness industry then you know how important it is to stay regular with your bowel movements. If you make sure you’re taking in enough fiber in your diet you should have no issues in this department. But even if you’re “ok” with staying regular, this device can actually still be helpful. The Squatty Potty is light in weight, conveniently stores at the base of your toilet (fits all toilet sizes), and can be pulled out when use is desired.

Yes, there’s some hype about this product due to the media craze out there. Several media sources have jumped on board with this product such as The Dr. Oz Show, Men’s Health, The Washington Post, Howard Stern, The Doctors, The Huffington Post, and many more. While you might have even seen this product on ABC’s show Shark Tank, this is no gimmick. Everyone is touting that this product which helps you go #2 will end up being #1 in your heart for how it can help you in the bathroom.

So how does this stool-looking device help you eliminate waste out of your bum? Think of it as if you were back when cavemen roamed the earth. How did they go? You would picture them digging a hole and popping a squat right there to release the demons. It’s all about the position of your body during defecation—the anorectal angle to be exact. The cavemen had it right all along. And science actually backs it up. Below is a link to 3 medical case studies on why squatting is the healthiest way of taking care of your business on the throne.


Squatty Potty explains on their website, and this is 100% factual, that sitting posture actually kinks your colon. When sitting the puborectalis muscle itself creates a kink naturally that gives you the ability to “hold it all in”. So you are essentially fighting against your body to do your business when with a simple change of angle would help you eliminate everything with ease.

There are 5 problems that Squatty Potty points out that I would like to share because I feel they are extremely important to go over and consider.

1. Constipation

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines constipation as having fewer than three bowel movements per seven days. According to the NIH about four million Americans suffer from constipation.

One of the biggest obstacles to your success may be not realizing you’re constipated in the first place. The bowel is the body’s main elimination organ, yet amongst many Americans today, this central elimination system is compromised, as evidenced by high rates of constipation. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 4-10 million Americans have chronic constipation (defined as having a bowel movement less than three times per week), and as many as 63 million people are suffering at any time from occasional constipation.

2. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum. When we’re standing or sitting the bend, called the anorectal angle, is kinked which puts upward pressure on the rectum and keeps the feces inside. The sitting posture actually keeps us in ‘continence mode’. We thank our lucky stars for this muscle when we don’t want to go but when we need to go, and sit on our toilet to do it – it sure makes elimination difficult and incomplete, creating the need to STRAIN.

By age 50, about half of adults have had to deal with the itching, discomfort and bleeding that can signal the presence of hemorrhoids. The veins around your anus tend to stretch under pressure and may bulge or swell. Swollen veins — hemorrhoids — can develop from an increase in pressure in the lower rectum.

3. Colon Disease

Eliminating completely and often helps maintain good colon health. Many studies point to fecal buildup in the colon as a cause of diseases including colon cancer. And when there is buildup in the colon, our bodies can’t absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat, leaving us without the energy we could enjoy if our colons were healthy.

4. Urinary Difficulty/Infections

Urinary flow is usually stronger and easier when women squat to urinate. The bladder is emptied more completely when squatting rather than sitting or “hovering”. Squatting can help reduce episodes of urinary tract infections in both frequency and intensity.

5. Pelvic Floor Issues

A 2008 study by Kaiser Permanente published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that one-third of women suffer from one or more pelvic floor disorders. In addition, aging, obesity, and childbirth increase the likelihood of experiencing these issues. Although pelvic floor disorders are more common in women, men also suffer from similar symptoms; the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports that nearly one in every five men ages 60 and older experience incontinence.

So what’s my take on the Squatty Potty?

The Squatty Potty can help with all of the above 5 problems. And to be totally honest with you, I’ve come to enjoy using the device in my home. While many products on the market today can be called a gimmick and a useless invention, the Squatty Potty is the real deal. I spend less time “dropping the kids off at the pool” since it literally just jumps out of me effortlessly and quickly—and all at once mind you. Ever have those movements where you sit and wait because it feels like there’s more to come but “it’s just not ready”? Not with this device.

Your first experience with the Squatty Potty will be special. Ok, not really, but it’s going to be a learning experience. You sit down, put your feet up and say adios all at once. I will be honest though, the first time you try it, you’ll feel a little awkward. You sit down, you pull out the Squatty Potty, you orchestrate your feet up onto the device and you release. If you can picture yourself on the toilet with your knees up at your chin, that’s pretty much what you’ll be looking like. A little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Sure, the Squatty Potty might not be the prettiest thing sitting under your toilet, but to me the benefits outweigh some of the comments you might get when visitors come over to your house and need to use the restroom. Who knows, maybe they’ll give it a try while at your house and become a believer? Regardless, and all jokes aside, I highly recommend this product. The product comes in different sizes and styles so you have the ability to choose whichever you prefer to fit your preferences. With the options they have, you should have no problem finding on that you wouldn’t mind putting under your toilet. I look forward to continually using this for several years and see if/how things change with use. This amazing device can help prevent many conditions. I was going to end my article with a poop joke, but it’s really crappy.