Everyone Was a Beginner at One Point


by Sean Nalewanyj

If you’re still in the beginning stages of your muscle building or fat loss journey, whether you’re a guy or a girl and whether you’re starting out thin or overweight, always remember this. Every single “fit person” out there with that lean, strong and muscular physique that you aspire to have was a complete beginner at one time as well. You might look at the “finished product” now and feel that what they’ve achieved is somehow “unattainable” or “out of reach” for you, but the truth is this.

That person does NOT possess any “magical qualities” that you yourself don’t also have! They’re another person just like anyone else who had a goal, followed a process and got a result. They began as a “newbie” in the exact same way, were likely out of shape at the start, and knew absolutely nothing about how to build muscle or lose fat. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated or think that every “buff guy” or “fit girl” at the gym is in some special class that you can’t get to. You’re literally just a version of what they were at one point in time.

Yes, genetics obviously play a role in determining what sort of “ultimate physique” a given person can attain. But unless you’re on the extreme end of things genetics-wise, anyone out there can achieve an awesome physique given enough time and patience. I’ve been involved with bodybuilding and fitness for a long time now, and even I remember what things were like before I started working out. I was a typical “skinny kid”, very insecure about how I looked and with absolutely no idea where to start or what the possibilities were. I didn’t know what a “compound exercise” was… I had no clue about calories or protein… I had never heard of “whey protein” before. I knew absolutely nothing. I remember printing off random exercise tutorials and performing them in the basement using my cheap plastic weight set, and then having my older brother’s friends come over and make fun of me for even trying. I can remember looking at other guys who were in shape and thinking they were on some whole “other level”, which I eventually discovered was completely imaginary.

Why am I telling you all of this? Why is this so important?

It’s because aside from having the basic desire to achieve something in the first place, the number one thing that will drive you to REALLY commit to this and ultimately follow through is truly believing in advance that you’re going to succeed. It’s when you’re able to see the possibility as 100% real, and you know – not think – but KNOW with absolutely certainty that if you just follow the process you WILL get what it is that you’re after.

People are not lazy… they just need that strong incentive beforehand in order to justify putting in the work. If you feel uncertain inside because you’re looking at all these other people who are in great shape, and you believe they’re somehow special or different from you, it’s going to make it a lot harder to get started. You’re going to have an inaccurate perception of the whole process, and although you might stick with it for a little bit, you’ll eventually lose motivation and run out of steam. You must understand that following the simple process of proper training and nutrition literally guarantees that you will succeed. You can’t NOT succeed if you just follow the steps and stick to it.

Building muscle and losing fat is not complicated, and absolutely anyone can do it if they simply commit. If you go the gym consistently, follow a properly structured nutrition plan, and stick with it, you literally cannot fail. You’ve already won, and the result is just sitting there waiting for you a few steps ahead in the future. Every single person out there who is in shape started from scratch with nothing and simply followed that process to get where they are now. The people you look up to in this area are not special they’re not unique… and they don’t possess some magical talent that you don’t have. They are literally YOU in the future if you’re simply willing to put in the time and effort.

It’s not “if I put in the work then I might reach my goal”… it’s “if I put in the work, I WILL reach my goal”. Look inside yourself now and understand that everything you need to succeed is already within you. All you have to do is take the first step, and not look back.