3 Anabolic Cycles without Using Steroids


by Josh Hodnik

Some bodybuilers are completely stuck on the idea that testosteronemust be the base of every anabolic steroid cycle, and anabolic steroids have to be the base of every anabolic cycle. Both of these ideas are wrong. Many think of steroids when they hear the word anabolic. Anything that promotes muscle growth can be considered anabolic. There are several compounds available that are non-steroidal, but still possess anabolic properties. An example is insulin, Insulin is considered to be the most anabolic hormone in existence. On another note, insulin may be the most dangerous hormone in existence as well.

There are many substances, other than anabolic steroids, that can be used to increase anabolism or muscle growth. The dosage of these compounds amd what they are used with play a role in how effective they are in creating a steroid like affect. The intention with the following cycles is to experience some of the benefits associated with anabolic steroid use while avoiding the side-effects. There are several non-steroidal compounds that help create an anabolic environment, resulting in increased pumps, increased strength and muscle mass, and decreased body fat. Everything you come to expect when using anabolic steroids. In this article will cover three anabolic, steroid free cycles that target three separate goals.

Cycle 1 – Clomiphene/Tamoxifen/IGF-1 – Recovery & TRT

Cycle Length: 8 Weeks and Beyond

This cycle looks similar to what is often used for post-cycle therapy. It can be used for recovery, but the particular dosage here is more suited to create an anabolic environment that would be comparable to that of a low dose of testosterone. Clomiphene has been shown to substantially increase testosterone long term when it is dosed at 12.5-25mg per day. So much so, that many in the medical field prefer to use Clomiphene to treat Low-T instead of testosterone. Post-cycle therapy protocals call for doses at 50-100mg per day. That may be fine in the short-term, but the body becomes desensitized verfy quickly and stops responding at doses over 25mg per day. Again, Tamoxifen is often used in post-cycle therapy. It has been shown to significantly increase LH, FSH, and testosterone concentrations. The downside to using Tamoxifen is that it reduces IGF-1 levels. Unlike aromatase inhibitors, Tamoxifen will not have a negative impact on HDL levels (good cholesterol). The Tamoxifen should be dosed at 20mg per day. IGF-1 is an excellent compliment to this stack. It compensates for the reduced IGF-1 from the Tamoxifen. It will also increase muscle fullness, pumps, and there should be a noticeable increase in strength and muscle size. As with Clomiphene, the body can easily become desensitized to the effects of the IGF-1 if the dose is too high. To prevent this, IGF-1 should be dosed at 40mcg per day for up to 6 weeks before taking a 6 week break.

Clomiphene 12.5-25mg per day
Tamoxifen 20mg per day
IGF-1 40mcg per day (6 weeks on/6 weeks off)

Cycle 2 – Ostarine/HGH/T4 – Fat Loss Cycle

Cycle Length: 12 Weeks

This is a fat loss/lean gains cycle that is using a very popular and effective SARM as it’s anchor. Before getting to the details of the cycle, I would like to cover Ostarine a little bit and explain why its such a vital replacement for an anabolic steroid in this cycle.

Ostarine (MK-2866) is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, and it exerts its effects in a very anabolic way in both muscle and bone. Most anabolic steroids convert to estrogen and DHT. Ostarine doesn’t convert to DHT, and only a slight elevation in estrogen can be seen. Ostarine has been compared to the anabolic steroid Primobolan. It has been shown to increase muscle pumps and muscle hardness within a short period of time. Ostarine doesn;t just build muscle, it increases tendon strength, improves the health of ligaments, increases bone density and increases the rate at whcih collagen is turned over. For best results, Ostarine should be dosed at 24-36mg per day.

Human growth hormone is the most effectove non-steroidal fat loss drug available. In fact, its more powerfull than any anabolic steroid when it comes to fat loss, making HGH an appropriate fit for this non-steroidal fat-loss cycle. HGH also improves tendon and ligament health, making it a great addition to Ostarine for its joint healing properties. HGH should be dosed at 2-4 IU’s per day in this stack.

Much of the fat burning that HGH exhibits comes from the actual process of T4 converting to T3. This process increases with exogenous HGH use, and T4 levels can become low after just a short period of time. This inhibits the fat burning abolity of HGH. This can all be avoided by simply adding this very cheap and easy to find compound while taking HGH. T4 should be taken at a dose of 50-75mcg per day.

Ostarine 24-36mg taken once daily
HGH 2-4 IU’s per day split into to separate dose. (morning and 8-12 hours later)
T4 50-75mcg taken once daily

Cycle 3 – Ostarine/Insulin (Humulin-R) – Bulking Cycle

Cycle Length: 6 Weeks

This is a simple bulking cycle without any anabolic steroids. There is nothing flashy about it. Its a combination of two powerful compounds, that when used together, can add a good amount of size and strength. The muscle building potential of Ostarine is quite apparent when the compound is used alone. This is greatly amplified with the addition of insulin. Insulin helps to shuttle nutrients to tissues at the cellular level to be used. This leads to more proetin, carbohydrates, and fats being utilized in order to repair muscle tissue, replenish glycogen stores, among other processes. The effects of insulin are noticeable within a short period of time. Pumps increase, muscle become fuller, and there will be an increase in muscle size and strength. This one-two combo is a very effective bulking stack that could mirror results of numerous stacks containing anabolic steroids. The downside here is that insulin can be extremely dangerous. It can result in hypoglycemia or even death. A conservative dose would to start with 4IU’s of Humulin-R before each meal. 12-15 grams of carbohydrates per IU of insulin used should be consumed with each dose to be on the safeside. Its also advised to keep fruit juice and glocose tablets on hand in case blood sugar levels drop.

Ostarine 24-36mg taken once per day
Insulin (Humulin-R) 4IU’s before each meal

I explored three powerful anabolic cycles that don’t involve using steroids at all. The choice not to use steroids may be a legal one, steroid testing may be a factor, or it could be a concern for the side-effects that come with steroid use. Whatever it may be, there are plenty of options that will allow you to continue making progress in the gym.