10 Fitness Stocking Stuffers Under Ten Bucks


by Matt Weik

Fitness stocking stuffers are what your loved one wants this year. They told me! With the holidays coming up, many find it hard to think of little gifts to put in their fitness-minded loved one’s stocking. You don’t have much room to play with in that stocking, so I put together a list of 10 items (with links) that are under $10 so you can scratch the stocking stuffers off of your list this year.

1.) Shaker Bottle

You can never have enough shaker bottles. After time, they start to fade, get discolored, and worst of all, start to stink if you leave them in your car without washing them out right away. Plus, it’s convenient to have one at home, one at the office, and even one in your gym bag as a backup. Stocking up on these puppies is a great plan, and a great gift to throw in a stocking. Your loveable gym rat will thank you!

2.) iTunes Gift Card

Who doesn’t love rocking out to their favorite music while getting in a workout? It energizes and frees the soul, right? It takes you to your place of Zen where it’s just you and the weights. And now your loved one doesn’t have to worry about a lack of tunes if you hook them up with a $10 iTunes gift card. All they need to do is load the card onto their iTunes account and let the downloading begin!

3.) Ear Buds

If you have an iTunes gift card, you clearly would need a set of ear buds to go along with it. These don’t have to be anything fancy if all your loved one is worried about it having something to listen to in the background while lifting or putting something on to distract them from how much time they have left on the treadmill. If that’s the case, they don’t need to hear every single note and pitch (unless they are a music junkie). Ear buds get thrown in gym bags and are easily lost due to their size. So, getting a good pair for the gym isn’t the best idea. Here’s a cost effective set that you can slip right into his or her stocking.

4.) Nutrition/Protein Bar

Almost everyone who exercises regularly has at one time or another tried a protein or nutrition bar. They are super convenient and the newer bars are much healthier when compared to bars in the past. Grab your significant other a flavor that he or she would like and drop it right in the stocking. They can then use it post workout or as a snack any time of day. They can even keep them in their office drawer if they get caught on a conference call or forgot their lunch at home and don’t have time to go grab something.

5.) Body Fat Caliper w/ Body Tape

Many people exercise, but most people don’t truly know how they are progressing. They see the scale going up or down depending on your goal, but how do they truly know? With this gift, your loved one will be able to track his or her body fat along with their measurements to see how they are progressing with their fat loss or bulking program. No longer do you have to gauge everything off of a scale that always seems to fluctuate and a mirror that sometimes makes you wonder if it’s from a carnival.

6.) Fitness Book

Knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more you understand. The more you understand, the better results you will have. This book will guide your loved one down the path of health, fitness, and longevity. It includes information on health, fitness, nutrition, supplementation, goal setting, working out and eating while traveling, and much more. While not a paperback (it’s a downloadable e-book), you can slip a note into their stocking that you have already conveniently downloaded it to their iPad, iPhone, or Nook.

7.) Workout Log

Progression is key with anything, and exercise is no different. If you want to ensure you’re making progress in the gym, you should keep track of your workouts. Your loved one will be able to track his or her exercises, sets, reps, and all pertinent information that one would need to stay on track in the gym and keep pushing forward. With its small size, it can conveniently slip into a gym bag or be carried into the gym.

8.) RTD Protein/Nutrition Shake

I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t get much better than this. Convenience in a bottle. When your loved one is crunched for time after a workout and wants to be able to twist off a cap and slam down a protein source, it doesn’t get any easier. With so many flavors available, find one that your loved one would enjoy. This on the go protein source is small enough to go anywhere, leaving you with no excuses for never having a good source of quality protein at your disposal. And best of all, if they don’t finish it all at once, they can simply put the cap back on and throw it in the refrigerator for later.

9.) Workout Towel

No one likes to sit or lay in someone else’s sweat and expects them to wipe down the equipment after they’re done. Well, the same is expected from you and your loved one. Grab a workout towel that you can use to not only wipe sweat off the equipment, but also off of your face. A soft and absorbent towel is the go to and this one will fit the bill for sure.

10.) Beef Jerky

Last but not least is beef jerky. A quick and easy flavorful protein-packed snack. Whether in the office or relaxing at home, beef jerky is a great way to snack on something healthy and take in some extra protein for the day. It’s conveniently packaged with a closure so if the whole bag isn’t consumed all at once, there’s a way to seal it back up for later. Beef jerky should be a staple on anyone’s list of preferred healthy snack options.