Signs That You Should Quit Bodybuilding


by Cade Thomas

I like to consider myself a positive person. I believe most of my articles support pursuing your goals and maintaining a positive outlook on bodybuilding and the lifestyle as a whole. However, there is a growing number of people who I feel simply need to ask themselves what the hell they are doing and why exactly they are doing it.

While many are beginning their journey into bodybuilding and physical improvement as we start the new year, there are some people who I think need a “reverse resolution” and need to scratch some goals off their list.

These are a few signs you should stop bodybuilding. Now.

1. You hate the diet

Look, everyone likes pizza and ice cream and any human who tries to tell you they truly prefer “healthy” food is an evil liar who should not be trusted. However, if you are serious about bodybuilding and want to call yourself a bodybuilder you simply are going to have a rather limited menu for your daily food. The best physiques in history were built on repetitive and non-cheese-melted-on dietary choices and there is a reason for that. So while no one is saying you should not fantasize about junk food, you shouldn’t WANT to eat them. If you constantly binge on sugary fatty delightful foods because your pretty little brain couldn’t handle 3 days of egg whites, oats, chicken breast and broccoli, then you probably are not mentally cut out to excel in this endeavor.

And please, for the love of god, do not post about it being a struggle or act like you are fighting some kind of battle expecting people to rally behind you as you nobly chew on reheated fish and brown rice. You chose to be a bodybuilder, and that’s how you become one.

If you aren’t willing to practice your instrument on a regular basis, you cannot tell people you want to be a Rock Star. If you sign up for the task, do the work.

2. You don’t LOVE training

The entire basis of bodybuilding is built on lifting weights. It’s pretty common to hear that many bodybuilders do it because they absolutely love to train and don’t really dig the tanning and posing in trunks on show day. The love for training is the seed that grows into the rest. Without that passion and drive to go into the gym and get the job done, the likelihood of success is pretty low. So many people these days place training very low on the list of priorities and believe they can out-drug their pathetic attempts with the iron.

I personally feel that with anything in life, you have to truly love the process to excel and have a fulfilling career (or hobby) and that if you just want the end result but hate the road to get there, you probably will never make it.

In my opinion, real bodybuilders find excuses why they HAVE TO train that day opposed to finding excuses to take days off. Using every family get together or friends birthday as an excuse to ditch the gym (when you could easily schedule both into your day) is a sign that your heart isn’t in it. You need to fall in love with the gratification of an insane pump and knowledge that you had an amazing productive workout before you can even entertain the idea of getting gratification from others based on your body. Check your priorities.

3. You talk about how hard the lifestyle is

We all know these people. And they are the reason I chose to write this very article. Facebook and twitter posts nonstop about how they wish they could eat this or that, wish they could stay home instead of doing their cardio, wish it wasn’t so hard to juggle a life with the fitness lifestyle, etc blah blah blah.

Bodybuilding is a very conscious choice and a very specific path, and it has to be chosen. No one else gives a flying f*ck if you have muscle or not. They don’t care if you eat a lean steak or deep fried pork chop. So who the hell is forcing you to do all these things that make you so miserable? No one. And no one wants to hear you complain about it. People have real problems in todays society, and choosing to walk on a treadmill while you listen to music on your expensive headphones is not a real problem.

Life is about choices and if the ones you make on an hourly basis make you unhappy…how about making different ones? Oh right, it’s probably just that you are a miserable attention whore.

4. You start training with the intention of “going pro”

Like I previously stated, if your end goal is the basis of the entire reason to choose this lifestyle, you need to re-evaluate. The phrase “going pro” is becoming the most over used and vomit inducing in the entire industry, and clueless young people are throwing the phrase around like earning an IFBB professional card is as easy as growing a beard.

Similarly, if you bodybuild just to get more “likes” on Instagram and post more selfies than you count reps, just quit. There is no problem with utilizing social media to market yourself if you are a legitimate athlete or are sponsored by a company who requires it, but if the attention is what motivates you then please just go away.

5. You do Men’s Physique

Totally kidding! Happy New Years!