Royal Jelly maintains testosterone levels during modest steroid cycle

Royal Jelly helps maintain testosterone levels while using anabolic steroids in moderate amounts, Iranian researchers discovered when they were experimenting with rats.



The researchers gave male mice 5 mg oxymetholone [structural formula shown on the right] per kg bodyweight orally every day for four weeks. The human equivalent of this dose, for a bodybuilder weighing 100 kg, would be 50 mg oxymetholone per day. And that would be an extreeeeemly modest steroids cycle.

Half of the mice in the group were also given 100 mg Royal Jelly per kg bodyweight every day. The human equivalent of this dose, again for a bodybuilder weighing 100 kg, would be 1 gram Royal Jelly daily.

Another group of mice was given no oxymetholone. In this group half of the mice were also given Royal Jelly.


Oxymetholone reduced the concentration of testosterone in the mice’s blood [OXM] the researchers observed at the end of the four weeks. Royal Jelly supplementation prevented the oxymetholone-induced fall in testosterone level almost completely.


Oxymetholone reduces the activity of the protective enzyme catalase [CAT] in the testes. As a result of this aggressive molecules are able to peroxidize more fatty acids in the cells and the concentration of malondialdehyde [MDA] rose. Royal Jelly prevented this from happening.


The number of mononuclear immune cells in the youtube to mp3 testes of the mice that had only been given oxymetholone increased. That’s an indication of demolition carried out by the immune system in the no longer active tissue in the testes. Royal Jelly supplementation reduced the increase in the number of mononuclear immune cells.


According to data from the same researchers, Royal Jelly also protects the sperm production in mice that are given oxymetholone. [Avicenna J Phytomed. 2014 Jan;4(1):43-52.]