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by Craig Titus
Craig Titus

So, I picked up the March 2013 edition of Sports Illustrated and saw that it was the power issue, the issue that was dedicated to power and covered the Arnold Classic expo. I have to admit, I was actually excited and thrilled for the bodybuilding and fitness community. I was happy because a prominent and well respected publication such as sports Illustrated to give some much needed exposure to the bodybuilding industry…then I read the article. I thought it was going to be a article highlighting the huge success of the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo and the celebration and praise of the countless dedicated athlete’s who show up to compete. Mind you athletes that have dieted in ways that would kill the mortal man, athletes that have left sweat and tears in countless gyms all over the world, dedicated, disciplined athletic machines attempting to become the elite, the very best bodybuilding has to offer.

Then I read the article, written by some fuckin’ down named Jeff Pearlman. The piece left a very bad taste in the mouth! After reading Pearlman’s coverage of the Arnold Classic expo, one could dearly see his intentions were not to shed a positive light onto the world of bodybuilding, but rather to clown and humiliate all those involved with his ignominious remarks. His article was blatantly condescending and sarcastic to say the least! I couldn’t help but became extremely defensive and wish for one moment that perhaps I attended the expo and by some stroke of luck Jeff Pearlman interviewed me with his disdainful attitude and patronized me with his ignorant behavior. Oh what fun that would’ve been! You see, in my opinion, Schachterle who was the 2010 Junior USA’s super heavyweight champion, was too engaging, too friendly and was actually treating Jeff Pearlman like someone who was interested in his accomplishments. Unsuspecting to Schachterle, Pearlman was there to demean him and sarcastically point rut that “You know, muscle isn’t everything”… there are a lot of … “Jeff Pearlman quickly cuts him off, probably afraid that this huge muscular man in front of him may actually have something intelligent to say contradicting the motive for his article. No, the author didn’t let Schachterle finish his thoughts, the writer cut him off midsentence by saying “let’s thumb wrestle” Being the gentleman Schachterle obviously is, he couldn’t see Pearlman’s true agenda. He had no idea that the skinny pale un-athletic man making conversation, was in reality attempting to degrade and humiliate him. Me, I would’ve handles the situation slightly different. My response to his office to thumb wrestle would’ve been “No, no, how about I pull you arm out of socket”? But that’s just me, I don’t take kindly to men with inadequacy problems clowning me. Congrats to Schachterle for earning his IFBB Pro Card, I for owe admire and respect your accomplishments. In the Arnold Classic Sports Festival article, Jeff Pearlman points out how is head was reading, his vision is somewhat blurred and he may just throw-up while covering the expo. His ailments and discomfort were caused by the ingesting or applying every free sample he received from same of the 700 vendors. What kind of idiot does that? What kind of ignoramus applies male performance cream, drinks five different liquids, eats nineteen miniature protein bars, and ingests countless other supplements while attending a expo? I’ll tell what kind of person does that, an author who says plans on writing a disdainful article… a writer who says that the renders are trying to persuade the masses their “Special” products are the gateway to power. I think Mr. Pearlman is a little confused, in fact he’s just plain wrong. My suspicion is he knew damn well the vendors giving out free samples, by no means were implying if you consume this pill, or eat this protein bar, or apply this cream that you’ll instantly achieve physical perfection, that some how getting bigger and stronger and fiercer is just a power bar or pill away. No, these implications were never for one moment volunteered…but it sounds good for Pearlman’s disparaging article. I’m certain the athletes handing out product were informing Pearlman that in addition to a devoted and dedicated work-out regimen, along with a nutritionally sound diet program, their product could be quite beneficial to his fitness goals. That their supplements could assist him, along with A LOT of hard work, in putting on muscle or burning off body fat. I do agree with Pearlman’s description of the assembly of people inside the great Columbus Convention Center… “Think Monster Truck Show meets Gold’s Gym meets gentlemen’s club.” So what! Is that a strange assembly of humans really? Perhaps it was a strange assembly of people to him, he said it was strangest assembly in the history of human assembly. Those are Jeff Pearlman’s words, his description, but I think I’m beginning to understand the feeling of inadequacy and insecurity he must have experienced walking the expo floor. But still, his overwhelming realization of how physically weak he truly is, does not give him the right to be such a douche bag…not without consequences anyway. Pearlman goes onto say that nearly every women working the expo is young and blonde in provocative clothing. I’m not entirely sure how these young beautiful models fit into the premise of the premise of his article. An article written for the sole purpose of implying the bodybuilding community is unworthy of consideration or respect. I suppose he’s never attended an Auto Show or the Electronics Convention in Vegas where beautiful models wearing scanty outfits are all over the Expo floor. I find it hard to believe the Arnold Fitness Expo was filled with foul smell, a land of regrettable body odor and intestinal gas. Ok, maybe some scents of skin tanner and possibly mint body lotion, but to imply people were not showered and chose to release gas while walking around…yeah, just a bunch of bodybuilders farting in public. Come on Jeff, that wasn’t just simply being a douche bag!! Are you sure that wasn’t your breath blowing back in your face? He writes…a land where a tub of metabolic whey is alone to a pan of gold nuggets. Really dude? You can’t possibly be serious? What you are is sarcastic. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a pan of gold nuggets, especially with today’s gold prices. No, a tub of whey isn’t at all alone or remotely similar to nuggets of Gold! Jeff Pearlman goes onto point out that Arnold Schwarzenegger left the governor’s office with a 22% approval rating, that only 12 people viewed The Last Stand, his most recent film. The writer goes so far as to say Arnold is the celebrity husband who impregnated the house keeper. You see, to Pearlman Arnold is a adulterer who failed in the governors office. He doesn’t have any idea or comprehend the magnitude of the contributions to the bodybuilding and fitness community- Arnold Schwarzenegger has made. No he’d rather imply only weirdoes at the Aronld Classic Expo Respect and admire Schwarzenegger. That Arnold admitting to using steroids during his bodybuilding career some how diminishes the greatness he’s achieved, that he’s not deserving respect or admiration! Arnold is a five time Mr. Olympia, he is one of the founders of professional bodybuilding with the biggest fitness Expo in the entire world. Jeff Pearlman’s article in regard to the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo is condescending, disdainful, sarcastic and demeaning, most of all it’s ignorant at best! I found it to be offensive and appalling leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. My only hope is that Kathy Amazon, the muscular women who fans were admiring at the expo, runs into Pearlman again…and smacks him rough across his smug  pale face.

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Craig Titus

Craig Michael Titus was born in Wyandotte, Michigan on Jan 14, 1967. The eldest of Michael and Sandra Titus’ three children. In high school, Craig wrestled for his school team at 132lbs. After graduation, decided to put on some muscle via weight training. When Craig graduated from high school he was 5’6″ and 140lbs. By the age of 21, he was 5’9″ and 185lbs. Once he started weight training and seeing results, he was hooked. Craig’s first bodybuilding show was the 1988 Houston Bodybuilding Championships in which he won the Men’s Open middleweight class and the overall title.

Competitive Record

2002 Mr. Olympia – 11th
2002 Night of Champions XIV – 5th
2002 Southwest Pro – 7th
2001 British Grand Prix – 9th
2001 Mr. Olympia – 12th
2001 Arnold Classic – 6th
2000 Toronto Pro – 1st
2000 Arnold Classic – 10th
2000 Night of Champions – 11th
2000 Ironman Pro Invitational – 8th
1996 NPC USA Championships — 1st Heavyweight and Overall
1995 NPC USA Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1994 NPC National Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1994 NPC USA Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1993 NPC USA Championships — 4th Heavyweight
1991 NPC Ironman/Ironmaiden — Overall
1990 NPC Tournament of Champions — 3rd Heavyweight
1990 NPC Western Cup — Overall
1989 NPC Houston Bodybuilding Championships — Overall