Have OTC Cycles Advanced to the Next Level?

by Mike Arnold

In this article, I am going to give a shout-out to IML & BSL, as they are two of few OTC companies who have walked the walk when it comes to the effectiveness & quality of their products, but the purpose of this article is not to kiss IML’s & BSL’s ass. Rather, through continued product innovation, we have finally moved to the next level of designer steroids. How? With the release of some new products, we are now able to mimic traditional cycles from both a cycle length & potency standpoint. This has never been possible before now. Throughout the rest of the article I will explain how we can use these legal products to accomplish just that.

For many years, the notion that we could one day achieve equal or superior results using only OTC products compared to using traditional steroids was laughable. One could not deny that over the years we had some real powerhouse products hit the market, such as M1T, SD, Dimethazine, Methylstenbolone, etc. Even still, these methylated designers could only be used for a few weeks at best and then the cycle was over. While the gains achieved during such cycles were frequently comparable to (and sometimes greater) than what was experienced with traditional cycles, there were many individuals who did not want to rely solely on methyls and preferred running longer cycles.

The missing link in being able to run longer OTC cycles were non-methylated products that produced results comparable to our current methylated designers. With injectable products not being an option, this was extremely difficult to accomplish, as most non-methyls are almost entirely destroyed as they make their way through the digestive tract. However, with the release of Trenabol, we can now design cycles which are able to provide gains the entire way through, without excessive reliance on methylated products.

For those of you who don’t know, Trenabol is the first non-methylated compound capable of converting to trenbolone at a high rate. This is accomplished legally, without any significant liver toxicity, providing blood levels of trenbolone equivalent to using moderate doses of real trenbolone. User feedback has been very positive, with several test subjects claiming it is their all-time favorite OTC steroid product. In the following paragraphs, I will cover each of the steroids utilized in this stack, with a mini-description provided for each.

The Ultimate 8 Week Mass & Strength Cycle
“Comprised entirely of IML & BSL products”

Weeks 1-4: Cyanostane Rx @ 2 caps/day
Weeks 5-8: Methadrol Metha-Drol Extreme @ 2 caps/day

Weeks 1-8: Trenabol @ 4 caps/day
Weeks 5-8: 4-Andro Rx @ 4 caps/day

Cycle Support
Weeks 1-8: Advanced Cycle Support Rx @ 2 caps/day

Cyanostane Rx: Used during the first 4 weeks of the cycle, Cyanostane is technically the 2nd strongest methylated product made by IML, as Methadrol & Super DMZ 2.0 share a very similar ingredient profile. While M-Sten solo puts up a strong fight for 2nd place, Cyanostane contains 2 steroids, one of which is the potent Dimethazine, while the other is Cyanostane itself (an SD derivative). When combined, in my opinion, they have the edge over M-Sten alone. In terms of visual impact, you can expect dramatic, yet high quality increases in muscle size. There is zero water retention with this product, making it suitable for nearly every purpose. Strength gains are also exceptional, making it an excellent fit as the first methylated product in the ultimate 8 week cycle.

Metha-Drol Extreme: Just one of the steroids contained in this product (Dimethazine) has been clinically proven to be more myotropic (muscle building) than Anadrol itself. The next steroid on the list is Methylstenbolone, which possesses a monster anabolic rating of over 600! As a finishing touch, we’ve tossed in a bit of Decadrol, making Methadrol the most potent mass & strength builder anywhere. If you are looking for full-blown gains that surpass even the strongest traditional steroids, this 3-way stack is it. As if that weren’t enough, Methadrol also contains additional ingredients designed to increase the absorption and maximize the efficiency of the aforementioned AAS, optimizing their effects in the body. For all of these reasons, Methadrol is implemented during the final 4 weeks, helping the user reach his peak by cycle’s end.

Trenabol: The most potent non-methylated steroid on the market today, Trenabol converts directly into trenbolone at a high rate, making it equivalent to injecting moderate doses of real Trenbolone. Being one of the most powerful injectable steroids ever created, the muscle-building and fat-loss effects of Trenbolone are well-noted. Food efficiency is also increased, enabling the individual to extract maximum benefit from the food he consumes. This makes Trenabol an exceptional re-comping agent, capable of transforming the body’s appearance in record time. With an androgenic rating of 500, strength is enhanced through a combination of improved neural firing and enhanced aggression, contributing to force development independent of the drug’s growth promoting effects. This makes it an excellent companion to the methylated steroids in this cycle, which derive a considerable portion of their strength-boosting effects through muscle hypertrophy. The resultant synergy is capable of matching any steroid stack, either traditional or blackmarket.

4-Andro Rx: Although AAS are great for building a massive and powerful physique, one of the downsides of many steroids is their suppressive effect on libido, which they bring about through their suppressive effect on the HPTA. 4-Andro helps combat this negative effect by supplying the missing component…testosterone. A prohormone to this essential messenger, 4-Andro can help maintain/restore this vital aspect of male function. In addition, many claim to find relief from the lethargy sometimes experienced when using stronger methyls. Of course, 4-Andro is more than just a product capable of dealing with potentially bothersome side effects; it also supplies direct muscle-building activity on its own.

Advanced Cycle Support Rx: ACS contains a variety of ingredients designed to maintain optimal liver, lipid, and cardiovascular health, making it one of the most comprehensive cycle support products on the market today. It is no secret that many AAS are capable of adversely affecting these areas of our health, thereby providing a real need for this type of product. By adding ACS to your regimen, it is similar to purchasing an insurance policy; you may not need it, but it helps to have it handy just in case.

Being very familiar with all of these products, I am completely convinced that this cycle will provide greater gains than most traditional 8 week cycles. For anyone who is tempted to write this statement off as an advertising scheme, you clearly have not used these products. Several of the legitimate steroids contained in this cycle are some of the most potent steroids ever released, including those which have been produced by pharmaceutical companies, the blackmarket, or supplement companies. I have used almost every steroid ever produced and out of them all, my absolute favorite is the OTC product listed above…Methadrol. Nothing I have ever used has added size or strength faster. At only $40-$50 a bottle and with potency & purity guaranteed, why continue spending the same amount of money on traditional orals without ever even giving these products a chance?