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by Craig Titus
Craig Titus

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Are the stories true in regard to the ridiculous milligrams and levels of steroids and growth hormone pro body builders use?

Well, I guess that would be determined by what the word ridiculous really means. I suppose I’ve used some high levels of AAS in comparison to what athletes in other sports would use. Let me first say that most of the stories and rumors out there in regard to amounts of AAS being used are mostly gross exaggerations of the truth…just like most stories in general.

With that being said over the years I’ve consulted countless professional athletes as well as actors in the use of AAS and HGH. In every case, none of which used even a fraction of what myself and other bodybuilders use, both NPC and IFBB Pro Athletes. Lets face the facts, heavy anabolic steroid use starts long before graduating into pro status. I started using in 1988 and continued to do so up until 2005…it’s safe to say I’m an advocate. Anyway, the dosages increased slightly over the years until for lack of a better word the amounts became “ridiculous.” But I can say, the dosages were no more “ridiculous” then your typical IFBB pro dosage. It was nothing to use 750mg-1000mg of Sustanon weekly, in conjunction with 600mg of Primobolan Depot, 10tab of Anavar daily and 10mg of Winstrol V daily for 10 weeks. Of course along with these steroids, you had to add the “Nitros Oxide”so to speak…that would be 9-15I.U. of HGH Nightly. You see the same way “Nitros Oxide” increases horse power to a muscle car, HGH increases and enhances the affects of steroid use to build massive amounts of muscle. Sure, AAS work without HGH, but when you combine the two…now you’re going to build muscle like never before. Lets for one moment say the “ridiculous: means dangerous as far as athlete enhancing drugs…honestly the steroids and HGH are certainty NOT what’s dangerous in the sport of bodybuilding. What’s “ridiculous” or “dangerous” are the Diuretics being used. I myself damn near died fallowing the 2001 Mr. Olympia using Demadex at the advice of Dorian Yates. My level of dehydration was almost at the verge of organ shut down. The funniest thing is my best showings in my career had nothing to do with Diuretics. Unfortunately like most Pro’s trying to find that edge, I was willing to throw caution to the wind…I ended up in the hospital hooked up to saline and glucose I.V. bags. Just ask Johnny Jackson about the dangers of diuretics … Johnny and I have a little history when it comes to dehydration nightmares. We were both down under at the 2004 Australian grand Prix, and it was sometime after midnight when the phone in my hotel rang. It’s was Johnny and I could tell by the sound of his voice he was terribly scared as well as being in a great deal of pain. He told me his entire body was experiencing muscle cramps so severe he couldn’t sit down and they were getting progressively worse…when he informed me his stomach muscles were beginning to cramp as well, I knew he needed aid immediately. Without hesitation, I ran to his room and began Administering IV injections of salt and sugar mixed with bottled water. I cant begin to tell you how many syringes of the solution I injected him with, but I was in his room for several hours that night and didn’t leave until his cramps subsided. The absolute most dangerous substance Bodybuilder’s use is Insulin, yes Insulin. It is the most anabolic hormone there is while used in conjunction with anabolics and HGH. At the same time it being the most anabolic, I cannot stress to you how dangerous it truly is! The use of insulin for the soul purpose of building muscle can cause you to ironically become diabetic, impair your vision and in some cases permanent damage of eye sight and even death as a result of insulin coma or shock. So in short, the “ridiculous” amounts of steroids and HGH isn’t the danger in the sport of bodybuilding, it’s the use of diuretics and Insulin that’s without a doubt “ridiculous.”

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Craig Titus

Craig Michael Titus was born in Wyandotte, Michigan on Jan 14, 1967. The eldest of Michael and Sandra Titus’ three children. In high school, Craig wrestled for his school team at 132lbs. After graduation, decided to put on some muscle via weight training. When Craig graduated from high school he was 5’6″ and 140lbs. By the age of 21, he was 5’9″ and 185lbs. Once he started weight training and seeing results, he was hooked. Craig’s first bodybuilding show was the 1988 Houston Bodybuilding Championships in which he won the Men’s Open middleweight class and the overall title.

Competitive Record

2002 Mr. Olympia – 11th
2002 Night of Champions XIV – 5th
2002 Southwest Pro – 7th
2001 British Grand Prix – 9th
2001 Mr. Olympia – 12th
2001 Arnold Classic – 6th
2000 Toronto Pro – 1st
2000 Arnold Classic – 10th
2000 Night of Champions – 11th
2000 Ironman Pro Invitational – 8th
1996 NPC USA Championships — 1st Heavyweight and Overall
1995 NPC USA Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1994 NPC National Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1994 NPC USA Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1993 NPC USA Championships — 4th Heavyweight
1991 NPC Ironman/Ironmaiden — Overall
1990 NPC Tournament of Champions — 3rd Heavyweight
1990 NPC Western Cup — Overall
1989 NPC Houston Bodybuilding Championships — Overall
1988 NPC Houston Bodybuilding Championships — 1st, Middleweight and Overall