Will your book "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" work if I don’t exercise?

I’ve actually been to your web page www.burnthefat.coma few times but didn’t order your ebook yet. I’m interestedin your program because you seem like an honest personand what you say makes a lot of sense. The thing is,I really don’t have any time to exercise and I don’twant to spend the money on your book if I’m not evengoing to be able to follow it. Will your program stillwork if I can’t follow the exercise routines?

The entire philosophy of my program issummed up in the title of the book, ‘BURN THE FAT,FEED THE MUSCLE’, which implies that it is betterto burn fat with exercise than “starve” fat with diet.

There is no question you can lose weight andfat with diet alone and no exercise, but thediet-only approach is frought with pitfalls,and the longer you use a diet only approach, themore likely you are to fall into the pit of dietfailure and frustration.

Slashing your calories will make you lose weight,but you can’t expect it to be 100% fat.

to the contrary, most low calorie diets cause youto lose a lot of water weight, muscle and otherlean tissue, which makes it harder to lose fatin the future

Less muscle = slower metabolism because MUSCLE isthe engine that drives your metabolism.

You also can’t expect the initial weight loss youenjoy from very low calorie diets to last long;The odds are 20 to 1 against you of keepingthe weight off long term using the diet-onlyapproach.

There is a better way – and that way is Burn TheFat (exercise), and Feed The Muscle (eat the rightfoods in the right combinations and the right amounts…DONT STARVE YOURSELF!)

Diets dont work. Nutrition + exercise is the answer.

Having said this, I realize that some peoplecan not and do not want to spend hours in the gym.

In our society today, more than ever before inhistory, people say that time is their most scarcecommodity. And truly, time is precious. Time IS lifeitself, and you must place high value on your time andwhat you do with it. Squander time and your life slipsright through your fingers like a handful of sand.

However, for those people who say they don’t haveANY time to exercise, they are lying to themselvesand they do not deserve a better body and betterhealth. You don’t always get what you want in life,but you do always get what you earn. cause and effect.You have to make a deposit today if you want to makea withdrawal tomorrow.

You have all the time in the world. You have all thetime there is. We all have the same amount of time -24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, 8736 hours a year.NO ONE has any more time than anyone else.

So how is it that some people lead full lives with rewardingcareers, enriching relationships, enjoyable recreation timewith great achievement, productivity and success… Allwhile staying lean, fit and healthy, while others “neverhave the time?”

The answer is: Some people simply STOP in the midstof their busyness for a moment to THINK and WRITE DOWNwhat they value and what is truly important in their lives,and then they begin to act in accordance to their highestpriorities and values.

You must make exercise a priority in your life.


If you choose not to (and it is a choice), then you willbe forced to make time for sickness later in lifeand you will not be able to enjoy any of the thingsin life that most people say they were pushing asideexercise for in the place: family, travel, nature, sports,recreation, money, material things, success or anything else forthat matter, even your spiritual life, because it’s been said that”your body is the temple that houses your soul.”

Without a healthy body, what good are ANY of these things?Are you treating your body like a temple?

So the question really is, not IF you’re going to exercise,but HOW do you create the time to fit it into your lifeas a top priority and HOW do you maximize the results ofyour workouts in the least amount of time?


These are GOOD questions, and there are answers.

You don’t have to live in the gym every day, if youthink in terms of *time efficiency* when youwork out.

For example, one method I mention in my book for increasingtime efficiency is to do high intensity interval trainingcardio instead of slow long distance cardio. Both can workbut the former is more time efficient.

Another method you can use to increase time efficiency ofyour weight training workouts is to use supersets – twoexercises in a row without resting, or circuits – three ormore exercises in a row without resting.

Remember that fitness is not an “all or none” endeavor.So many people think that if they can’t work out for hoursevery day, or follow a diet 100%, its not worth doingat all. This is faulty thinking.

Do what you can when you can, where you can, with whatyou have, RIGHT NOW!

If that means 15 minutes a day of cardio and a few setsof bodyweight lunges, push ups and ab crunches, in yourown bedroom, then fine! That’s not only better than nothing,its a great start to a new habit. Start where you can andbuild up as you go.

Once you start enjoying the benefits of this simplediscipline, mark my words, you will WANT to keep doingit, or even do more.

last but not least, remember that if you are limitedin time to exercise, then the nutrition pieceof the fat loss puzzle is all the more important!

Think about it – regardless of how much or howlittle you are exercising, you have to eat anywaydon’t you? Doesnt it make sense to make the mostof what youre already doing? Doesn’t it makes senseto educate yourself on the subject of nutrition andbegin to make better food choices?

Food is energy. Food is fuel. food is the very constructionmaterial for every cell in your body and you are whatyou eat – quite literally.

Even if, and especially if, you feel you are limited inthe amount or type of exercise you can do, for whateverreason that may be, then it is all the more importantto get your nutritional house in order – and fast.

My burn the fat program includes a cardio and a weighttraining program, but the primary emphasis in theebook is nutrition. Some people have said BURN THE FATis the most comprehensive and detailed book on eating forfat loss ever written. Others call it a “fat loss bible.”

if you are interested in learning how to eat and whatto eat in order to lose fat and increase muscle, thenyou will benefit greatly from this program, even ifyour exercise is minimal.

But the bottom line is, you will ALWAYS get the bestresults by combining nutrition and exercise together;ideally a program that includes two types ofexercise: resistance training and cardiovasculartraining.

In my ebook Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle I go into step by step instruction on how to lose body fat safely, naturally and permanently!