Which cereal brands are truly committed to producing clean, organic food?

Which cereal brands are truly committed to producing clean, organic food?
by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The non-profit family farm advocacy group Cornucopia Institute (CI) recently released its Organic Cereal Scorecard, a comprehensive analysis of many popular “natural” and organic breakfast cereal brands that highlight both the best and worst players in the industry.

In the report, CI provides not only a detailed listing of the many companies producing phony “natural” products, but it also outlines those that are committed to producing and selling only clean, organic food to their customers.

Some health food stores and even conventional grocery stores continue to sell “natural” cereal brands that secretly contain chemical pesticide and herbicide residues, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), and various other deadly toxins. These products are often marketed as being more “natural” than conventional brands, and are even priced at a premium — but in reality, they are often no different than less expensive conventional brands.

In order to better assist NaturalNews readers in making smart food choices and help them to avoid the “natural” product trap, we have provided a detailed listing of some of the best cereal brands available. These brands are considered to be fully trustworthy and committed to organics, and tests of their products have revealed that their labels truly do match their content. As a result, CI has awarded them top scores in each category, and they all have a full “Wheat Rating.”

Brands that are fully committed to producing organic, GMO-free cereal and granola

• Ambrosial (Ambrosial Organic Inc. / Independent Company)

• Country Choice Organic (Country Choice Organic / Independent Company)

• Farm to Table (Farm to Table Foods, Inc. / Independent Company)

• Go Raw (Freeland Foods / Independent Company)

• Grandy Oats (Grandy Oats / Independent Company)

• Great River Organic Milling (Great River Organic Milling / Independent Company)

• Kaia (Kaia Foods / Independent Company)

• Laughing Giraffe (Laughing Giraffe Inc. / Independent Company)

• Lydia’s Organics (Lydia’s Organics / Independent Company)

• Nature’s Path (Nature’s Path / Independent Company)

• Tierra Farm (Tierra Farm / Independent Company)

• Two Moms in the Raw (Two Moms in the Raw / Independent Company)

Each one of these brands scored full points in all seven rating categories, including the organic status of their products; commitment by their corporate owner(s) to organics; policies against GMOs as a brand; policies against GMOs by corporate owner; level of hexane found in products; stance over use of agrichemicals by brand and product; and stance over use of agrichemicals by owner(s).

Some of the largest and most well-known brands in this category include Country Choice Organic, Kaia Foods, and Nature’s Path.

Other companies that scored slightly less than perfect, but that deserve a mention for their commitment to organics, include Eco-Planet, Grawnola, Green Barn Organics, Food for Life, and Erewhon. Each one of these brands sells only 100 percent organic cereal and granola products (except for Grawnola and Erewhon).

To view the entire CI Cereal Scorecard and learn more about the criteria used to rate each brand, visit: