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When bulking should you avoid all cardio to gain muscle mass?

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During your bulking phase don’t you want to avoid all forms of cardio to put on as much size as possible? Also during your bulking phase do you still watch your diet or will you just eat anything?

Yes, you will gain more total bodyweight when bulking up if you don’t do any cardio and eat what ever you want. However, a lot of the extra weight will just be excess bodyfat. I would much rather do a clean eating bulking program and include moderate cardio sessions about 3 times per week. You won’t gain as much total bodyweight this way, but the weight you do gain will be more high quality muscle. It will also make it a hell of a lot easier to get lean when you switch your efforts to a dieting phase later on down the road.

Now when I say clean eating, that doesn’t mean that I won’t treat myself every now and then. But keep the junk food in moderation. Gallons of ice cream is not an ideal bodybuilding diet :-) Going from one extreme to another, from super strict when pre-contest dieting, to a fat pig when in the off season is just not healthy.

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