NPC bodybuilder arrested – largest steroid bust ever in Austin, TX

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NPC bodybuilder arrested – largest steroid bust ever in Austin, TX
by Anthony Roberts

What do you get when you mix a National Physique Committee bodybuilder with a fetish for guns, suicidal tendencies, a buttload of steroids, and leave him alone in his apartment for weeks at a time? I have no idea, but in this particular case, you get Damon Beshears, 38, a competitive bodybuilder from Texas, who had previously taken 5th place (novice) at the Ronnie Coleman Classic in 2007, followed by a first place finish (novice middleweight) at The Heart of Texas Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fitness Championships, and finally a 6th place finish as a light heavyweight at the Ronnie in 2008. He was arrested in possession of raw steroid powders, around 5,000 tabs, and 240 vials of anabolic steroids.

In addition, he had a pretty typical Underground Lab set up in his apartment (powders, etc…), but also had a good supply of guns (semi-auto rifles, etc..), a ballistic vest and a Kevlar helmet, and told the investigators that his plan was to kill as many officers as possible, and then himself, if he ever got busted. And, given his fairly large cache of guns (or if you’re from Texas also: his perfectly reasonable and Constitutionally protected cache of guns), he was arrested outside his home, as he walked to his car.

As happens with most NPC bodybuilders who get busted for steroids, he was narked out (I’m guessing by another bodybuilder).

He had been selling steroids online (no idea what his lab name is…help from readers would be appreciated), and mailing them throughout the country, and manufacturing the stuff from raw hormone powder that he had imported from China.

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