Just For Women Fitness – True or False Quiz

Want to test out your fitness knowledge, for women fitness, and have a little fun today? I think you’re going to find some really eye-opening info below to…1. Females should use the same exercises to slim down their thighs as men use to bulk up their thighs.

False. If I did all the same leg exercises my husband does then it would feel like an Olympic event to put my jeans on!

I choose specific moves to create separation between my quads and hams and to create the sexy groove under my butt where my hams tie in. My leg workouts are FREQUENT and FAST PACED so I get my heart rate cranked and keep it their the entire workout so I get my metabolism burning so hot I lose fat when I leave the gym.

2. If you lift heavy weights you’ll bulk up and look like a bodybuilder.

False. You’ll only resemble a muscular female if you have a river of testosterone flowing through your body and you’re prepared to train 2-3 hours a day and do 20-30 sets for 1 body part.

If that’s not your workout, the chances of bulking up over night are about the same as you waking up with a million dollars in your bank account. You have to work LONG and HARD for it, it just doesn’t happen.

3. “Stubborn body fat” is a legit problem.

False. Their is no such thing as “stubborn fat.” Fat is fat and if it’s not going away, you just need MORE TIME to burn it off.

I recently watched my husband drop his body fat from 20% down to 4.9% and he reminded me of this. Fat is just STORED ENERGY and your body has too much energy so until you burn it off with hard training, it’ll only appear stubborn. Don’t get fooled.

4. If you’re a female then you should not view yourself as a bodybuilder.

False. My definition of a bodybuilder is simply someone who wishes to BUILD MUSCLE and LOSE FAT. That’s what you want if you wish to look curvey. Placing muscle around your glutes and shoulders is what creates that hour glass figure.

If your 65 year old Mom goes to the gym to build muscle and lose fat then she too is bodybuilder. It’s not a bad word. How much muscle you gain and how much fat you lose is UP TO YOU.

5. If you want to lose fat quickly the best thing to do is to run for miles and miles and miles.

False. That’s great if you want a pancake butt, loose skin, shin splints and a lower back so sore that you can’t wear your favorite high heals!

Don’t get me wrong, running is great for burning calories but you can get your fat down to 15% with just diet and weight training alone. You don’t need cardio until that LAST few percent.

6. Losing body fat is easy.

False. Losing body fat is HARD. If it was easy, every female would look amazing, right? The concept of losing fat is SIMPLE: Burn more than you take it. It’s the CONSISTENCY of EXECUTION that is hard. Once you accept fat loss is hard, then it’ll become easy.

7. You can “tone” your muscles.

False. “Toning” is a name marketers use. And I’ve probably been guilty of using the word myself. Sorry! Toning basically?means you lose fat around and gain muscle. It’s not a big deal if you use that word. Just understand what it really means when you use it.

8. If you have cellulite then it’s a genetic problem.

False. Again, this is a BS word marketers stole from European salons and spas, during the late 1960?s, to describe dimpled?appearance of skin found on the thighs and butt of women…

To the uneducated person, “cellulite” can be sold as a combo of fat, water and “toxic wastes” that the body has failed to eliminate. All sounds convincing but it’s complete BS and their is no such thing as “regular fat” and “cellulite fat”

Fat is fat ladies. Simply STORED ENERGY from too much ice cream and chocolate you’ve consumed and you need to? BURN IT OFF.

Don’t make it any more complicated than that or you’ll keep getting suckered for “problems” you don’t really have.

9. You need 2 hours a day to get a great body.

False. Unless you’re a physique athlete dropping to ultra low levels, you can get the body of your dreams with at least five?workouts a week for 45-60 minutes a workout.

If you know any lady who has a smoking body doing LESS than this, please introduce her to me. I’m yet to meet any? female who has a desirable body do less than this.

Two hours a day will probably lead to illness, injury and burnout.

10. I need to do a lots of sit ups to get a flat stomach.

False. But I will say, I LOVE training my stomach. I train it A LOT but not because I’m trying to burn fat but? because the stomach is what ties your entire body together.

My photographer, who shoots for Oxygen mag, says, “I can shoot any girl if she comes in with a tight midsection. It’s all about the midsection. If it’s flat and tight, I can make any girl look GORGEOUS.”

Who cares if your arms and legs are toned if when you sit down, your belly fat rolls over your jeans! A flat stomach is where?it’s at so we train it HARD in my workouts. It’s one of my most prized possessions because I worked so hard for it!

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