I’m looking for a new and unique way to train my pecs.

I’m looking for a new and unique way to train my pecs. My gym has tons ofequipment available, but I feel like I’ve done them all to death!” Any ideas?

There is nothing worse than being bored at the gym (except perhaps beingbored in the bedroom)! So you say you’ve used every piece of equipment inyour gym? I bet there is one thing you haven’t tried…the SWISS BALL! Try anentire chest workout using basic exercises, but all done on a swiss ball.This will challenge your mind, muscles, and nervous system with a completelyunique stimulus. Be prepared, however, as swiss ball training can be quiteexhausting! It will tax not only your chest, but also your lower back, hips,butt, and abdominals as well. If you have no experience with a swiss ball youmay want to buy a book or video on their proper use. Or, you can ask someonewho has experience to teach you correct technique. Here is your routine:

1- swiss ball dumbell press…2 x 6-8
2- swiss ball incline flye (hips low to make incline angle)…2 x 8-10
3- swiss ball dumbell pullover…2 x 10-12
4- swiss ball pushup (feet on ball)…2 x failure

I have a natural bodybuilding contest in a few weeks and I have a carb-upquestion. When I carb loaded for my last show I started on Wednesday, but byFriday I completely spilled over. How can I prevent this from happeningagain?

This is quite common among competitors and can be extremely upsetting. Iknow, I’ve been there. As a natural competitor you do not have the luxury ofpopping a diuretic to make up for a carb “spillover.” The best way I havefound to prevent this problem is to start your carb load up high and thentaper down. After you carb deplete your body will be most receptive tostoring carbs/water inside your muscle cells on the FIRST carb up day. Afterthat chances increase that you will begin to hold water subcutaneously. Hereis a general example of how I recommend a final week depletion/loadingprocess should look (normal carb intake 200 g per day):

-Saturday…200 g carbs/normal water
-Sunday…100 g carbs/normal water
-Monday…50 g carbs/normal water
-Tuesday…50 g carbs/normal water
-Wednesday…400 g carbs/normal water
-Thursday…300 g carbs/cut water by 1/3
-Friday…200 g carbs/cut water by another 1/3
-Saturday (day of show)…adjust carbs according to appearance/sip water