Huge supplement recall – something’s Rotten in Denmark

Huge supplement recall – something’s Rotten in Denmark…
by Anthony Roberts

The Danish Food Authority (as in “Denmark” not the delicious croissant pastry – which wasn’t even invented in Denmark) have recently issued a huge nutritional supplement recall. And by recall, I mean they’re telling consumers to throw these products in the garbage; Optimum, BSN, Universal, Gaspari Nutrition, etc…

The recall lists the following products from Sublimsport websites as being dangerous, because they may contain Tribulus terrestris L, Huperzin A, or the combination of caffeine and synefrin (which I assume are only dangerous to Danes, because they’ve been safely used in other countries for countless years):

* BSN Nutrition Axis HT
* iSatori ISA-TEST
* Universal Anmial M-Stack
* SAN Nutrition Tribuvar
* Muscle Tech Nano Vapor
* Controled Labs Blue Up
* Nutrabolic Hydro Test
* Ultimate Nutrition
* TestosteroGrow HP2
* Unitech NutramedX Metydrol
* Dymatize Tribulus terrestris
* Universal Animal Stack 2
* Optimum Nutrition Optimum Tribulus 625
* SNI Xtreme Pro ZMA
* SAN Nutrition Endotest Orthomolecular Regulator
* Dymatize Tribulus 650 mg
* Fast Research Tribulus 750 mg TestoJack 100
* Interactive Nutrition Tribolan
* Gaspari Super pump 250
* iSatori MX-LS7
* Nutrabolic CLENbutical
* Controled Labs Red Acid – Gen 2
* Nutrabollic Extreme Cutting Cycle
* Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Ephedra Free
* Optimum Nutrition Complete Diet Boost
* Controled Labs Reduction AM / PM
* SAN Nutrition Tribuvar
* Syntrax Cerebro
* Unitech Muscle Reactor
* Interactive Nutrition Lean Gainer