How to target your inner pecs for massive growth!

How to target your inner pecs for massive growth!

I’ve been training for a few months and I’m seeing some good progress, but I can’t seem to develop my inner pecs. I want to isolate that area. What exercise will help me sculpt my pecs and build more inner pec size?

OK, here’s a news flash — There is no such thing as inner or out pectoral muscles. That’s a myth that will not die. The Pectoralis Major (pecs) are comprised of two main muscles, the clavical head and the sternal head. The sternal head is what we normally are referring to when we say “pecs”. It’s a large, wide muscle that spans from your arm pit to your middle chest area or sternum.

It is NOT divided into inner and outer areas. When you perform a lift like bench presses, the muscle contracts as a whole. You can’t just isolate that one area.

Different exercises may “feel” different, but because they put different emphasis on supporting muscles. Your chest is still contracting the same — the entire muscle working together.

The shape that the muscle takes when worked is due to the natural shape of YOUR muscle — not from a specific exercise. You cannot change the natural shape of your muscle. As your pec muscles get larger, they will have more definition and size, but the shape and look will remain distinctly your own.

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