How do I train my rotator cuffs?

How do I train my rotator cuffs?

The shoulder joint is a complex formation of bones, muscles and tendons and provides a great range of motion for your arm. However, a downside to having this extensive range of motion is that the shoulder joint is more vulnerable to injury.

If you have ever heard a popping sound or felt a sharp pain in your shoulders while weight training then this is a sign a shoulder injury commonly called a rotator cuff tear or shoulder tendonitis. Basically it is a tear or strain in the rotator cuff muscles and tendons.

The tendons of the rotator cuff muscles receive very little oxygen and nutrients from blood supply. This lack of blood supply is the reason why a shoulder injury can often take a long time to heal. This is also why shoulder problems are common in elderly people. The lack of blood supply makes the shoulder joint more vulnerable to degeneration with aging.

The prevention of shoulder injuries comes down the conditioning of the shoulder muscles and tendons, which ultimately involves both stretching and strengthening of the shoulder joint. Warming up properly before your workouts and lifting weights that you are capable of handling with good exercise form will go a long way to help prevent shoulder problems.

Even if you don’t have any shoulder problems now, the following rotator cuff strengthening exercises could save you from major problems in the future.

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