How do I build bigger biceps?

How do I build bigger biceps?

Let’s talk about one of the famous ‘beach muscles’ – the biceps… also known in the locker room as ‘thunder’ and ‘lighting.’

If your biceps are as big as you want them to be, stop reading.

If you are interested in a few tips to increase thedensity and thickness of your biceps – so they startpopping out of your shirt – enjoy today’s newsletter.

I can relate to guys who want big ‘guns.’

My arm flexors (biceps, brachialis, and brachioradialis)have always been a weak point of mine… I think bicepsare ‘one’ of those muscles that you will ‘never be satisfiedwith.’ Kind of like girls and their thighs!

If your like most guys, you have messed around withevery arm program under the sun and have read every’arm’ article desperate for that extra inch!

The problem with arm training is that the majorityof articles written do not teach how to train yourarm flexors according to proper biomechanics.

Here are some ‘pointers’ that you need to applyto maximize arm growth. You can do these thevery next time you go to the gym.

1. Maximizing arm growth involves emphasizing allangles of the arm flexors. This means bothportions of the biceps, the brachialisand the brachioradialis.

2. To achieve this, you must select the mosteffective exercises that train these anglesto get the job done.

3. I have also discovered that for everyextra 1 inch on your arms, your body requiresan additional 10 pounds of pure body weight.

So if you have 13 inch arms are 150 pounds,don’t expect them to go to 14 inches unlessyou climb to 160 pounds. Guys withexceptional ‘arm gens’s’ are the rare exception.

To ‘stress’ the inner portion of the biceps, dowide-grip, elbows-in curls, focusing on ”squeezing”the elbows in tight while you lift the weight.

To ‘stress’ the outer portion of the biceps, do closegrip, elbows-out curls, spreading the elbows outwhile you lift the weight.

To ‘stress’ the brachialis, resort to a hammergrip or a slower tempo – or even isometrics – asthese recruit the brachialis more heavilyover the biceps.

To work the brachioradialis, resort to a reversegrip curl, and really flex your wrists as youlift the weight.

Final pointer: arm flexors have a strong responseto ‘constant tension.’ This means that you NEVERgive the muscle a chance to ‘breath.’ Your armsare NEVER relaxing until the set is over.

This means that either a 2-0-2, 3-0-3 or even4-0-4 tempo will be the most ideal as it allowsplenty of control and opportunity to squeezethe ‘heck’ out of the biceps on each rep.

Focus on squeezing the bar as well as squeezingyour biceps to really prevent oxygen from cominginto the muscle.

This is the key. Do not allow any oxygen intothe muscles. Do not pause at the top. Do notpause at the bottom. Keep the weight movingand keep that TENSION cranked up.

Anabolic growth factors are elevated far moreduring high levels of tension on the musclemaking the muscle much more responsive to growth.

Oh yeah, if your skin feels like it’s going torip… that’s normal!

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