Goal-Specific AAS Cycles for the Serious Lifter

Goal-Specific AAS Cycles for the Serious Lifter
by Mike Arnold

All PED users, at some point during the infancy of their AAS use, begin contemplating which “stack” would be best suited to their goals. This type of speculation is always accompanied by the question…”What should I use and how should I use it?” So, I decided to have a little fun and with this thought in mind, the following article has come together. Please keep in mind that some of the cycles written herein are extremely potent and are wholly unsuitable for beginners. Anyone wishing to utilize these cycle outlines should be fully aware of the potential side effects involved.

With that said, each cycle listed here represents just one of many different ways that a cycle can be structured, in order to achieve a specific goal. While personal opinion may vary regarding what constitutes the ideal cycle set-up for one’s goals, there are basic guidelines which should be adhered to and which are reflected below.

Let’s move on from here and get started with our 1st cycle, which is…

Cycle #1: The “Ultimate 30 Day Mass Blast”

The following is a short-term and extremely intense mass cycle designed with one goal in mind…to add as much sheer mass as quickly as possible. The result will not be pretty, but rather, the user should expect daily increases in muscle tissue accompanied by significant water retention. It should be mentioned that the following cycle does not result in well maintainable gains, as the large majority of bodyweight added during this cycle will be largely lost upon cessation of use. Impressive strength gains will accompany this program, so much so that this cycle could potentially be used for either purpose.

Due to some of the compounds used in this cycle, the user should give strong consideration to implementing some cycle support product(s) into their program. It should also be noted that in order to take full advantage of the potential growth inherent in this cycle, the individual should be consuming a surplus of calories on a daily basis. If one initiates this cycle after having been off AAS for a significant period of time, a bodyweight gain of 25-35 lbs should be attainable.

Days 1-30: Test base @ 200 mg/day.
Days 1-30: Tren ace @ 100 mg/day.
Days 1-30: M1T (methyldihydroboldenone) @ 20 mg/day.
Days 1-30: SD @ 20 mg/day.
Days 1-30: Humulin R @ 20-50 IU/day (depending on user need).
Days 1-30: GH @ 10 IU/day.
Days 1-30: Follistatin @ 100 mcg/day.
Days 1-30: IGF-1 LR3 @ 100 mcg/day.
Days 1-30: AI @ appropriate dosages.

Cycle #2: “6 Week Super-Strength Stack”

This cycle is designed to deliver rapid increases in muscular strength over a short period of time. The user should also be aware that substantial size gains will also accompany this program. Therefore, this cycle is not appropriate for competitive lifters wishing to stay within a certain weight class. It is also wise to utilize a cycle support product during this cycle, as it contains a considerable amount of potent strength-increasing orals.

Weeks 1-6: Test (any long ester) @ 1,200 mg/week.
Weeks 1-6: Test base @ 50-100 mg (pre-workout).
Weeks 1-6: Tren ace @ 100 mg/day.
Weeks 1-6: Anadrol @ 100 mg/day.
Weeks 4-6: SD @ 20 mg/day.
Weeks 5-6: Halotestin @ 20 mg/day (pre-workout).
Weeks 1-6: AI @ appropriate dosages.

Cycle #3: “Pure Strength Cycle”

This cycle is designed to deliver maximum strength gains with minimum increases in bodyweight and is therefore useful for those wishing to stay within a weight class. Keeping an eye on caloric intake would be wise in order to ensure weight gains are minimized.

Weeks 1-8: Test prop @ 200 mg/week.
Weeks 1-8: Tren ace @ 75 mg/day.
Weeks 1-8: Anavar @ 100 mg/day.
Weeks 5-8: Halotestin @ 30 mg/day.

Cycle #4: The “Geriatric Cycle”

Despite the funny name, this cycle is designed with the older bodybuilder in mind…one who is concerned with keeping their joints, blood pressure, cholesterol, tendons, and ligaments in good shape, as well as maintaining a more youthful appearance and overall health.

This cycle accomplishes all those objectives. The test is kept at a low-moderate dosage, which will keep the bodybuilders health markers in range, but will still supply all the benefits testosterone has to offer, such as an increase in sex drives & performance, an improvement in emotional & mental disposition, as well an increases in muscle size & strength.

The Nandrolone will help keep the joints pain-free and will not cause adverse changes to cholesterol, blood pressure, or the prostate. The GH will improve recovery, improve sleep, and increase collagen production, as well as supply several more benefits ideal for an older bodybuilder. The GH peptides will lead to further increases in GH, while preventing the suppression of natural GH production.

IGF-1 LR3 & PEG MGF will further assist in the accruement of muscle size without having to use additional AAS, which will minimize risk of side effects. It also results in benefits to the heart, stimulates the regeneration of nerve tissue, increases the absorption of glucosamine & chondroitin, decreases LDL cholesterol, enhances the production of white blood cells, and increases fat loss. These are all benefits of significant value to an older bodybuilder.

Weeks 1-16: Test enth/cyp @ 200-300 mg/week.
Weeks 1-16: Nandrolone @ 200-300 mg/week.
Weeks 1-16: GH @ 3-5 IU/day.
Weeks 1-16: ModGRF1-29 @ 100 mcg 2X/day.
Weeks 1-16: Ipamorelin @ 500 mcg 2X/day.
Weeks 1-12: IGF-1 LR3 @ 100 mcg 5 days/week (2 weeks on/ 1 week off).
Weeks 1-12: PEG MGF @ 200 mcg 2 days/week.

Cycle #5: The “Fitness Model cycle”

This cycle is designed with the fitness model/MPD athlete in mind. These individuals need to remain conscious of not only their development, but also things such as skin tone, hair, minimization of vascularity, and an overall healthy appearance. For these individuals, being as hard, grainy, dry, and dense as possible is not the goal. The compounds selected for this cycle reflect the goals of this type of athlete.

Weeks 1-12: Test prop @ 150 mg/week.
Weeks 1-12: Primo @ 500 mg/week.
Weeks 1-12: Nandrolone @ 300 mg/week.
Weeks 1-12: Anavar @ 40 mg/day.
Weeks 1-12: GH @ 5 IU/day.
Weeks 1-12: IGF-1 LR3 @ 100 mcg/day (2 weeks on/ 1 week off).
Weeks 1-12: Finasteride or Dutasteride @ appropriate dosages, depending on compound selected.

Cycle #6: The “Fighter’s stack”

While this cycle might be termed the “fighter’s stack”, it is suitable for individuals such as track & field athletes, MMA fighters, boxers, wrestlers or anyone else requiring that they increase strength, endurance, and aggression, while avoiding excess muscular size.

Weeks 1-16: Test prop @ 300 mg/week.
Weeks 1-16: EQ @ 800 mg/week.
Weeks 1-16: Masteron @ 300 mg/week.
Weeks 1-16: Anavar @ 50 mg/day.
Weeks 1-16: GH @ 5 IU/day.

Cycle #7: The “Porn-Star Stack”

To make it short, this cycle is designed to provide maximum performance, drive, and feeling when with your significant other. Cycle length can vary, with each individual deciding for themselves how long they want to continue utilizing this particular stack.
Weeks 1-?: Test (any ester) @ 500 mg/week.
Weeks 1-?: Masteron @ 300 mg/week.
Weeks 1-?: Proviron @ 50 mg/day.
Weeks 1-?: Cabergoline @ .5 mg/day.
Weeks 1-?: Bremelanotide @ .5 mg (as needed)
Weeks 1-?: Viagra @ 50-100 mg (as needed).