EAS Leaves Canada!

EAS Leaves Canada!
by Scott Welch

EAS no longer in Canada? Well after over 15 years of selling supplements made from watered down U.S. formulas, it looks like EAS may be loading up the EAS transport (pictured on left) and heading home to Columbus, Ohio for good. EAS is closing their doors in Canada according to sources! If you’ve been following the Canadian supplement scene you’ll have known that the warning signs were right there all this time.

A source close to EAS leaving Canada story forwarded the following email that allegedly came right from EAS/Abbott:

Dear Valued Customer,
We have an important update to share with you regarding the availability of EAS® and ZonePerfect® brand products in Canada. After careful consideration, Abbott Nutrition has decided to discontinue sales of EAS and ZonePerfect products in Canada and will exit the market by March 31, 2011. To minimize impact to your business during this transition, we are here to provide support until March 31, 2011. EAS and ZonePerfect brand products will be available until Abbott’s inventory is depleted. There will be no distributor in Canada for these products. EAS and Zone Perfect will only be available in the USA. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Services at 1-800-294-1954. Should your consumers contact you with questions regarding the availability of these products, please share the attached communication with them. We thank you for your business and interest in EAS and ZonePerfect products. We have enjoyed serving you.

So What Caused EAS To Leave Canada?

If the rumour is true, here are a few considerations:

* Was it the thousands of dollars that went into the WBFF’s and IFDA’s bank for show sponsorships?

* Was it the Incredible Hulk campaign? (see ad on right)

* Was it the massive focus on bars and RTDs which have proven time and time again to be very unprofitable on a per unit basis?

* Their large office space and warehouse in Oakville?
* Trying to do the distribution all themselves instead of relying on top distributors Nutrition Club or True North?

* Was it the loss of their president Steve Gibb who left to join distribution company Karma?

* Or how about the massive sampling programs and expense accounts many executives had over the years?

* Okay, okay, maybe it was just the scheduled meeting with MUSCLE INSIDER magazine they blew off with no notice that caused owner Scott Welch to make a call to the folks at Abbott to tell them to shut shit down up here? Maybe not!

Well it’s not their sales team to blame that’s for sure, as they had EAS products everywhere in Canada! My question is: What would founder Bill Phillips say if he could see what’s become of the company he started!?