An appropriate weight training program for beginning females?

I was just wondering if you know of a good work-out program that is more appropriate for women just beginning a weight-lifting routine.

Despite what rumours you may have heard, both men and women can follow the same type of weight training routines. Both men and women have the same major muscle groups that need to be worked and we both use the same basic exercises to work those muscle groups.

My girlfriend and I workout together as training partners, we do the exact same workout routine set for set. There is really no such a thing as a “man ‘s workout” or a “woman’s workout”.

I have a good beginners workout routine outlined at: can follow this routine at most any gym because it uses basic exercises on equipment that is very common to almost all gyms.

When you join a gym or fitness centre they will usually show you around the gym and set you up on a basic beginners workout routine based around the equipment that they have available at the gym. Generally, for beginners this involves a lot of machine exercises because with machine exercises it is easier to learn the proper form and technique.

I suggest that you visit the gyms that are close by and see what services they offer and choose one that will best suit your needs. If you have the choice of 2 or more gyms that are close by and they both offer similar deals. Sign up for one gym for a month membership and then sign up for other gym for a month membership. This way you’ll get a good chance to compare both gyms and decide the one that you like the best.

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