Sweden’s ‘Muscle Profiling’ Results in Ridiculous Arrest of Toney Freeman

Sweden’s ‘Muscle Profiling’ Results in Ridiculous Arrest of Toney Freeman
by Joe Pietaro

There are times when you read something that makes you wonder if we live 70 years in the past. Recently in Sweden for the 2010 Fitness Festival, IFBB professional bodybuilder Toney Freeman was taken into police custody as part of their ‘muscle profiling’ policy. Basically what this means is that if you are walking around their country looking buff (and not a fat bastard that treats exercise equipment like an ex-girlfriend who is HIV positive), then they have the right to drag you in and put the screws to you.

It seems as if Sundsvall Police Chief Henrik Blusi has a small man’s complex and enjoys playing the role of Marshall Matt Dillon. This clown told local reporters that his department knows that pro bodybuilders use gear (did he rise in the ranks after he was the first to figure that one out?) and that it is “immoral” for them to enter Sweden because they are “role models” to youngsters.

Blusi also told reporters that they used promotional material from the festival to identify the “perpetrators.” I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that tactical meeting in the station house:

“Hey, this guy looks like 10 of me. Betcha he’s using that juice stuff.”

“Isn’t that illegal in this country?”

“You know it. Let’s all go down there and force him downtown. Who’s up for some more crumpets?”

A little ball busting, but you get my point. This was total bullshit from the start and because of Freeman’s incident, Jay Cutler and Dennis James cancelled upcoming appearances in Sweden. Who is suffering the most from this witch hunt? The Swedish bodybuilding fans, of course. Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, Blusi threw out a staunch warning that will ensure bodybuilding and Sweden will never mix.

“If you are a professional bodybuilder, you should not go to Sundsvall,” he also told reporters.

Swedish pro bodybuilders Martin Kjellstrom and Irene Anderson have already experienced the wrath of this law and that will not bode well for any up and comers in that nation to stick around to realize their dream.

Freeman had to undergo a urinalysis, which came back positive for anabolic steroids and marijuana. The Keystone Cops should have had a bigger issue with the weed, but surely fluffed it of because Freeman claimed to have smoked it in Amsterdam and not their little cushy country.