Species Nutrition Update

Species Nutrition Update
?by Anthony Roberts

Species Nutrition is in flux right now, either planning to reformulate their current line, or to phase the brand out altogether. I’m hearing that Bactolac (the company who previously handled their product manufacturing) is hesitant to continue working with Species and owner, Dave Palumbo, as they’ve been named in the recent lawsuit against Species Nutrition. From my understanding, Dave has been contacting other production facilities. However, I would also guess that his source for usnic acid is unlikely to continue furnishing it for him, as they too have been named in the current lawsuit, as has Bodybuilding.com, who will likely not carry the Species Nutrition brand after the lawsuit is finished.

I’m not entirely certain which route Dave is going, but he’d be smart to discontinue using the Species name entirely, as anyone performing a Google search will be greeted with an auto-fill informing them of the lawsuit:

In a practical sense, this means anyone who searches for information about Species Nutrition, will likely find out about the lawsuit, alleging unsafe (potentially deadly) products. Therefore, it’s in the company’s best interest to dissolve, and this is exactly what I’ve heard they’re talking about doing…perhaps to open up another company under a different name. All of that is logical, albeit conjecture at this point – but I’ll stand behind it and say we’re going to minimally see Somalyze and Lipolyze reformulated, and the name changed (but again, perhaps the whole company will also be setting up shop under a different one). I also think it’s telling that Palumbo hasn’t publicly spoken about the lawsuit, instead allowing John Romano and Joel Goldberg do all of the talking; this way, when Species takes a beating in court, and they pull usnic acid from their products, it’s John and Joel who have gone on the record and been proven wrong.

I’ve also heard from multiple sources that they’ve attempted to enlist the services of Patrick Arnold as a formulator for their revamped line – this is not a rumor, but rather, a confirmed job offer from Species Nutrition to Patrick Arnold. For many reasons, this is a bad idea: I’m not entirely certain that Patrick’s recent legal worries are finished, and the trifecta of three ex-cons involved in a single nutritional company, who have already been sued for product liability, would be a great target for the FDA. Also, the last time Patrick was involved with Species Nutrition, it involved Testolyze, a 6-OXO product which was pulled off shelves following the Bodybuilding.com raid.

Still, Patrick has had proven success as a formulator; he’s got a commercial winner on his hands with the Chelated D-Aspartic Acid product, he struck gold with prohormones, and did very well with Geranimine. By contrast, Palumbo couldn’t formulate a glass of chocolate milk.

At this stage, a enlisting the services of Patrick seems unlikely, as he would almost certainly lose his job over at Muscular Development. I’m also told by numerous sources (confirmed) that Patrick declined the offer to formulate for Species. This all went down approximately at the same time as Romano happened to write an article about how great Patrick’s new DAA product is.

But…should we see any new (and decent) products being mysteriously added to the Species Nutrition (or whatever they call themselves by that time) product line, a lot of suspicion will be leveled at Patrick.