Brown Adipose Tissue Ups Capsinoids Energy-Burning Abilities

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Brown Adipose Tissue Ups Capsinoids Energy-Burning Abilities

TOKYO—Consuming capsinoids, even just once, increases energy expenditure, especially in people with a high level of activity in brown adipose tissue, according to new research from Ajinomoto Co. Inc. A group led by professor Masayuki Saito of Tenshi College in Sapporo, Japan found a single ingestion of the a sweet chili pepper extract increased energy expenditure compared to placebo.

The study measured energy expenditure in 18 men after a single 9-mg ingestion of capsinoids, or a single ingestion of a placebo, and the two results were compared. Based on PET imaging, the test subjects were divided into those with a high level of brown adipose tissue activity (10 people) and those with a low level of activity (8 people).

Results showed energy expenditure was greater after ingestion of capsinoids than a placebo among 18 people. In addition, the increase was greater in the 10-person group with a higher degree of brown adipose tissue activity. The suggestion is that the activation of brown adipose tissue is involved in the effect of increased energy expenditure after capsinoids are ingested.

According to Ajinomoto, the findings may have implications for controlling obesity, which is affected by the activation of brown adipose tissue according to recent studies. Previous research with animals has shown brown adipose tissue is involved in the regulation of energy expenditure and changes in body-fat levels. Fat is broken down in the mitochondria of brown adipose tissue cells to generate body heat. The activation of brown adipose tissue is thought to have an effect on controlling obesity.

Capsinoids have been shown to increase energy expenditure. The company said it plans to continue its research to confirm the hypothesis that repeated ingestion of capsinoids may further activate brown adipose tissue.

The research results were presented at the XI International Congress on Obesity 2010 (ICO 2010) on July 13, 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ajinomoto Co. Ltd. is a global manufacturer of consumer foods and other products. Founded in 1909 and now operating in 130 countries, the company offers lines of seasonings, processed foods, beverages, amino acids, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.