ALR Industries Pulls Product Line Out of Bodybuilding.com

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ALR Industries Pulls Product Line Out of Bodybuilding.com
by Anthony Roberts

The following message has been posted on ALRIndustries.com, the website of the nutritional company owned by A. L. Rea (Scott Jensen), the author of Chemical Muscle Enhancement and Building the Perfect Beast:

Please note that effective immediately ALR Industries is no longer doing business with bodybuilding.com. The decision to cease all business relationships with bodybuilding.com was made solely by ALR Industries due to on-going unacceptable business practices. Please click on the link below for other web-sites that are Approved Vendors for ALR Industries products. Thank you for your interest and continued support of ALR Industries.

I guess this has been going on for awhile, back and forth between the two companies, and I only just learned about it. Well, I dropped A.L. Rea an email (after sending a text message to almost everyone I know in the industry, and getting no answers) and was directed to the following public comments made by the man himself:

Pretty bold words from ALR, even going so far as to reference his own past as a steroid dealer to make a point. If he feels that Bodybuilding.com is not being honest and not giving them a fair shake, then there are plenty of other sites that offer exactly the same prices on ALR Industries products (NetNutri, etc…). It’s also very interesting to note that it appears the online nutritional giant is in poor fiscal shape (yes, there is an obvious pun here about “physical shape” that I’m going to spare you the indignity of reading and myself the embarrassment of writing). If ALR is correct and there is a mass exodus of vendors from Bodybuilding.com, then it might put them in very bad shape considering their current legal situation, which may progress to severe criminal charges.

Source: AnthonyRoberts.com