2010 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Preview & Event Details

2010 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Preview & Event Details
by Isaac Hinds

The 2010 IFBB New York Pro will take place on Saturday, May 8, 2010. The pro bikini event will be a very competitive competition. It’s tough to call this one but I’ll break it down as I see it. Again, let me remind yall it’s just one opinion. If you don’t agree, cool post a comment and let’s chat about it. Follow the action this Saturday here on Hardbody and on twitter.com/hardbodynews.

The breakdown of your IFBB NY PRO Bikini Pro Competitors:

Jelena Abbou – Jelena will make the transition from Figure to Bikini and we’ll have to see how it suits her. She does have more a fitness model physique than that of a figure competitor, at least she did. Jelena added some size to her shoulders and it helped her place higher in figure but we haven’t seen what she looks like since 2008, at least on stage. Her challenge is to bring her lower body in balanced to her upper body. If she does that, look for her to be in the mix.

Missy Coles – One of the favorites, at least on paper, has to be Missy Coles. She took top honors on this stage last year at the Team Universe event and will look to repeat this weekend. Missy finished in third place at the Orlando Pro but will have some new competition at this event. She’ll have her work cut out for her to leave the NY Pro Champ but I look for to be in the top call-out.

Michelle Gullett – Michelle turned pro at the 2009 NPC USAs and made her pro debut at the Muscle Contest Bikini event. She finished 8th there and it’s a place I could see her looking at again unless she livens it up on stage. Nice body but the “it factor” isn’t there when on stage. I’d like to see her throw a ‘lil spice into her stage presence.

Janet Harding – Janet was fifth in Orlando and dropped to 13th in Pittsburgh. She’ll have her work cut out for her in New York to make the top ten. When she competed in PA she was too lean and her arms looked a bit skinny. It looked like she needed to eat a few slices of pizza and fill out a bit. If she comes in less lean this show she could move up from 13th.

Angela Harrell – This will be her IFBB debut. She took top honors in her class at the 2009 Team Universe and will look to find success here. I don’t see her in the top five of this event but I’ve been wrong several times before. She’s one of the shorter competitors on stage and it will require some added attitude to breakthrough in this lineup.

Kat Holmes – Kat has competed in two pro shows and has yet to hit her stride. She almost looks pissed on stage until she smiles and then it’s a different competitor in front of you. She tightened up a bit at the Pittsburgh show and I look for her physique to be better in this show.

Melinda Janiszewski – She took top honors in her class at the 2009 Team Universe and will be making her pro debut here. She’ll need to bring a little tighter booty than she did at the Team U contest and we’ll have to see how she fairs amongst the pros.

Stefanie Lindsey – She made her pro debut last weekend and finished in the 14th position. Stefanie will have to come in a bit tighter and bring some pizazz to the stage if she hopes to break into the mix here.

Dayna Maleton – Dayna has a rock’n hardbody. She brings an entirely different mindset than most competitors. Dayna doesn’t believe in an “off-season” for bikini competitors and maintains a healthy, fit lifestyle all year. I talk to competitors who say they are diet 12-16 weeks for a bikini show. That’s not how Dayna rolls. She’ll have one of the best bodies on stage without a doubt, the question is can she present it? If you’ve ever met Dayna you know she’s a bit of a spitfire and has some Jersey sass. If Jersey girl can bring a bit of that to the stage watch out.

Alicia Marie – Alicia Marie is also heading to the bikini division after a lackluster showing in figure. She placed 12th in the 2009 Europa Super show and didn’t have the muscle needed to hang with the top 10. I think the bikini division suits her much better and her personality is fitting for it. Look for her to own the stage and she could be in the mix for a top spot.

Christie Marquez – Christie made her pro debut at the Muscle Contest event where she finished 15th. She’ll look to improve on her placings here but in order to do so it will come down to her presentation. If she can present herself better than she did in Cali she could move up.

Kristal Marshall – Kristal Marshall will be making her pro debut after an overall win at the 2009 NPC USAs. This fit momma knows how to present with some attitude on stage. She’s confident and sexy when she takes the stage. Something that the judges will notice. Look for her to be in the mix for a top spot here.

Shay Monroe – I like this woman when she rocks the curly hair. It may seem like a silly thing to mention but when Shay took the stage in Orlando, her prejudging hairstyle just wasn’t her, at least in my opinion. When she showed up at the evening show her hair was curly and she appeared more confident. She has good energy on stage when she’s relaxed and having fun. Look for her to be in the top 2-3 call-outs.

Shelsea Montes – When Shelsea took the stage at the Pittsburgh Pro we saw an improved physique and improved presentation from the Orlando Pro. Some of that may have been first time rookie jitters in Orlando. She walked sexier, appeared more confident and her body looked a bit tighter. She narrowly missed 4th place and an Olympia qualifying spot to Tianna Ta. Look for her to be in the top spots here.

Marzia Prince – Marzia finished 7th in her pro debut and will face some tougher competition here than in Orlando. She’ll need to come in much sharper and be tighter in this show if she hopes to crack the top five. Her challenge is bringing in tight, toned legs without getting too skinny in her arms. We’ll have to see how she looks here.

Kira Rivera – Kira has a nice physique and again it goes back to presentation. If she is relaxed and poses herself a bit better I think she will move up from her 10th place finish. She was 4th in Orlando and we’ll see where she ends up in NYC.

Sheryln Roy – Sherlyn is a competitor that’s on the bubble. She made the transition from figure to bikini. She looked small in figure but at times looks a bit too muscular for bikini. She presented herself much better in Pittsburgh and showed some attitude. If she continues to do that she’ll be in the mix. She took the flower power to a whole new level by incorporating not only one in her hair but also onto her suit. The peanut gallery at the show had mixed reviews.

Alea Suarez – Alea was right in the mix and one point behind Sherlyn at the PA show. She should find herself in one of the top two callouts here but she’ll be facing some tougher competition as well. I look for her to be in the top ten and challenging for a top five spot.

Tianna Ta – T2 finished in fourth last weekend and brought a much tighter and tinier physique to the stage than she did at the 2009 NPC Nationals. She should be in the mix for a top five spot again this weekend. Her stage presence also improved dramatically over the last year. It’s cool to see her come into her own and get more comfortable with being on stage.

Event Details:

Saturday, May 8th

Prejudging – 11am
Finals – 6pm

Tribeca Performing Arts at BMCC
199 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007

For tickets call: 516-933-1111 or visit www.bevfrancis.com

Source: Hardbody.com