William Llewellyn’s Sport Supplement Reference Guide Now Available

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William Llewellyn’s Sport Supplement Reference Guide Now Available

William’s latest book (which is on supplements and not steroids) has now been released. It’s called the “Sport Supplement Reference Guide” and it’s sure to be a hit. William Llewellyn is the author of the bestselling ANABOLICS Reference Guide and one of the most respected researchers in the field of sports nutrition. In this book, William Llewellyn uses his usual “no bull” approach and breaks down which performance-enhancing supplements are backed by real science, and which ones are pure hype.

What’s Inside The Book?

Sport Supplement Reference Guide boast 208 pages and includes a comprehensive, in-depth review of the top selling supplement ingredients. There’s a clear, organized rating system as well as a summary of the effectiveness ratings for each ingredient. Whether you’re looking to increase size and strength, enhance performance, or improve endurance, it’s all laid out in plain easy-to-understand language. William Llewellyn covers the questionable marketing tactics used by many supplement companies and how to avoid getting ripped off. He also covers timing your supplements, dosages, and stacking.

About The Author:
William Llewellyn is a research scientist, writer, and lecturer in the field of human performance enhancement. He’s authored 9 books, and written countless articles for many leading magazines, including Muscular Development, where he has been a longtime contributor and monthly columnist. Llewellyn has also been featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine, The Washington Post, and made numerous television and radio appearances for his expertise on performance-enhancing substances.