Reinstatement of Tampa Pro Good Sign for Female Bodybuilding

09msiReinstatement of Tampa Pro Good Sign for Female Bodybuilding
By Joe Pietaro

Just when things appeared bleak for the fans and competitors of female bodybuilding, a complete 180 degree turn took place to put the sport back in the thick of things. Two weeks after their portion of the IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships was cancelled, it has been reinstated amongst what amounted to a rallying cry that was put out and more than answered by two websites that follow the sport – and

$12,000 was needed to be raised just to get female bodybuilding back in Tampa for the 2010 show. That number was eclipsed by $5,000 and because of that, it will be back on the schedule in August.

Not only is it occurring, but the winner’s purses have been widened because of the additional capital raised.

This is proof that female bodybuilding is a sport that needs to be a part of every contest held and the communities of these two websites should be lauded for their enthusiastic approach in not only getting the job done but in the lightning fast manner in which they did so.

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