Politically Incorrect Fat Loss Tips and Why Cardio Does Not Work

I was at a big event last week and was reminded how important it is to have strategies for this season of high-calorie parties and busy schedules. But I get ticked off by the tired old suggestions you find on the Internet or in magazines like Woman’s World. Often the suggestions are lack any substance, because the writers don’t want to imply you actually have to make a sacrifice to succeed. They make fat loss sound easy, as if all you had to do was park at the far end of the parking lot and you’d burn all the calories from 5 shortbread cookies.Well it doesn’t work that way…So here are my politically incorrect, unique Turbulence Training strategies to help you keep off the holiday pounds.By the way, I “borrowed” a few ideas from contestants in my Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. The Transformation is rocking with social support and success stories right now, even while the rest of the world struggles with weight gain, these TT users are losing fat over the holidays.

Strategy #1 – Green Tea & Almonds

One of the most common tips you’ll hear is to “fill up” before you go to a party where there will be lots of goodies. Unfortunately, most people I talk to have no luck with this tip.Most people still go to a party and eat everything in sight. But recently TT users have told me that having a cup of Green Tea and one ounce of almonds has helped them avoid holiday cravings better than anything ever before.The fiber from the almonds reduces appetite while the small amount of caffeine from the Green Tea seems to increase mental alertness and keep you “energized” at the party.Hopefully that might work for you…

Strategy #2 – Don’t waste your time on any fancy cardio programs

Listen, the bottom line over the holiday season is that your success depends almost entirely on your nutrition.You can’t expect to hit the cardio confessional and burn off last night’s 2000 calorie smorgasboard. That’s a 4-hour workout. Instead, don’t get into that situation in the first place.

Here are more nutrition tips:

– Focus on portion control (and if you have no discipline, forgeteven trying to eat just one)
– Nix all drinks mixed with calorie-containing beverages, or better yet, just stop getting drunk, period.
– Write down everything you eat to identify your problem spots. Then do whatever you need to do to eliminate your weaknesses. If you don’t record your nutrition, chances are you’ll miss bigopportunities to change your diet and lose fat.

Strategy #3 – Take care of yourself first.

So take a deep breath. Ask yourself as you’re running around to please everyone else, “Have you set aside time for yourself”Be selfish. Make sure you have had some exercise time, some good nutrition, and some rest before overextending yourself and doing too much for other people when you haven’t taken care of yourself and your goals first.

Strategy #4 – Get on a roll

This one comes from a TT Transformation contestant who is too busy losing fat to get off track over the holidays.Don’t procrastinate till January 1st. Get started now. Dozens of men and women are doing their Turbulence Training Transformations right now – through the heart of the holiday season.They aren’t waiting for Jan. 1st to show up. They are taking control now, and getting on a roll, and not letting anything (fromwork parties to peer pressure) get in their way.

Strategy #5 – Exercise in short bursts whenever you can

Don’t be afraid to dance at your Christmas party. Don’t worry, there is bound to be at least one worse dancer than you out on the floor. Have fun and get down!On a more serious note, here’s how to avoid falling off the fitness program during the busy holiday season. Get your butt out of bed 15 minutes early so you can have 3 minutes to wake up and 12 minutes to do the December 2007 Turbulence Training 12-Minute Workouts.

Why Cardio Doesn’t Work for Fat Loss

Cardio exercise is such a strange thing. In theory, it should work so perfectly well for all men and women, but as anyone who hastried it knows, the practicality of it just doesn’t add up. After all, some men and women do cardio 6 hours, 9 hours, or more per week, and still have belly fat to burn. On the other hand, it works just fine for others.British researchers wanted to get more insight into this paradox, and studied 35 overweight men and women, who weren’t previously exercising.(Reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008). Subjects exercised 5 times per week for 12 weeks. That’s a lot of exercise, but it helped the subjects lose an average of 8.2 pounds, which is great – I was positively surprised by the results.

So cardio will work for some people, however, in my experience, it works best in young men, who need the help the least!Back to the study, the variance in fat loss between individuals was huge. Check this out…The best subject lost a staggering 32.3 pounds in 12 weeks, while the worst subject actually GAINED 3.74 pounds.The scientists think they know where things went sour. They classified the subjects into 2 groups, called the “Compensators”and the “Non-compensators”. The Compensators were hungrier, and as a result consumed an extra 268 calories per day, all but wiping out their cardio efforts.Therefore, the Compensators lost the least amount of weight, and scientists believe that was due to the huge “compensatory” increase in appetite experienced by this group.

Does your appetite increase when you do slow cardio? If it does, research shows it will ruin your cardio efforts.So if your cardio program is not working for you, check your appetite and calorie intake to see if you are “compensating” foryour efforts. If you are, you might be better off using a program of high-intensity resistance and interval training (i.e. Turbulence Training) for your weight loss efforts.

As Australian Professor Steve Boucher has shown in research, interval training increases hormones called catecholamines. Andincreased catecholamines can reduce appetite, among other fat-burning benefits. In the real world, few people lose 33 pounds after 12 weeks of cardio. Heck, few even achieve an average weight loss of 8 pounds with aerobic exercise.So again, check your appetite, and consider giving high-intensity exercise a go for your next workout program.

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